Stump up you botters

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Apr 7, 2010.

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  1. Without hijacking XRD's worthy cause and superhuman efforts to raise cash, get your wallets out:

  2. I will rain down on you all like a Pinata full of dogspunk if you don't hand over some cash.
  5. I'll do a balance transfer as soon as I get back from deployment. :D
  6. Done...

    Not much but things are tight!

    Keep up the good work!

    Out of interest Im looking to do a half marathon in October, I would like H4H to be one of my beneficiaries?

    If someone could let me know if that'd be ok and/or what to do?
  7. Crack on fella, you can download a sponsorship form HERE. And then simply pay in your final amount to the account in the first post or through the aforementioned website.
  8. Donation made
  9. Cheers to all, you are safe from my wrath...... for now.
  10. Cheers MLP...

    I'll get on it, I'm doing it for 2 charities (inc H4H) any way I can have an editible sponsor form?

    No dramas if I cant, Im aiming to raise at least £300 for EACH charity. More hopefully!
  11. There are some banners, headers etc you can download from the same page mate, you could maybe knock one up?
  12. Tidy I'll have a look when my bosses back is turned and see what I can do!

    Its the Burnham on Sea half marathon, Sunday 3rd of October just for your info.

    Cheers for your help!
  13. Nice one, and enjoy!
  14. Cant see that happening! The good lord did not intend me for such things as long distance running when he manufactured me. But its a couple of good causes and it will raise a bit of awareness in H4H round here too, which cant be bad!

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