Stuff Going Missing?!

OK! I shall try and remain calm! not easy for a 37 week pregnant woman!
Can anyone tell me is theft such an issue as it seems!! Soap, Washing stuff, shoe polish, brasso etc is one thing now it appears that my fiance's Engagment ring has gone to - this is beyond a joke - thought the Navy was ment to be a team!
Sorry but very angry!
Is this problem very common?? because if it is I really feel like telling him to come home! I mean if you cant trust people how can you put your life in there hands!
He left it in his locker 100% now its gone! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :x so either someone has nicked it OR someone has taken it for a joke! either way not good - he put it in the back of his locker before the swimming test at week one now on 5th week went to check his stuff and its gone!


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errrm youre saying he left it in the locker for 5 weeks?Not a very bright thing to do.However,theft is taken EXTREMELY seriously in the RN,it is about the worst thing to do!He needs to report it to his DO or Div Senior Rate.Its also not the done thing to have ones stuff available to be stolen.either way he needs to report it,certainly to the Class Leader but id suggest his Div SR ASAP,like tonight!!He also needs to make sure that he hasnt mislaid it!It does happen.
he had no where to put it so thought it would be safe in his locker in the conor at the back - searched everywhere for it - it was out the way so did not notice it gone (he told me and I started to cry so that made him feel much better :roll: ) he only noticed as he had to pack cos he has to redo week 4 cos he messed the gun thing up and has been through everything! he is gonna check again when he unpacks (although he has been through his stuff about 100 times so sure its not there) and then report it tomorrow......if he doesnt he will have me to deal with and I am worse then the PO,CO,WO any O!
well no I am lovely but really upset about this - got them both 2 years ago and it was all our savings and there wherent cheap....and a replacement wouldnt be the same...needs to report it before the 4 that PVR go (not saying its them but I suspect everyone and surely if it was nicked they would search everyones stuff)


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When its reported the Regulating Branch will spring into action.He needs to report it NOW!Not next week!there is always the possibilty that it came out of the locker with an item of clothing or a towel and has been lost that way.Its not a safe place to stick stuff of value really.Why did he remove it in the 1st place?
If the ring has been in the back corner of his locker that long he may have
pulled something out of his locker and the ring has dropped out with it!

So the quicker he reports it the better cos someone may have handed it in as found .

Hope he does get it back --but its partly his fault he should have kept it somewhere where he could've checked it more often. Best place would've been on his key ring if he couldn't wear it.
It must be reported NOW or even SOONER theft is one thing the Navy will not stand, things may have changed since i was in, but manys the time ive left money wallet out and its never been touched, as a lot of other guys have I`m sure, its a serious thing, report it NOW< NOW< NOW get it?
If it's theft and the culprit is caught, will he be eligible for cobbing? ...Or has that sort of thing died out now? :wink: :lol: If he is I think PNW(to be) should be invited to participate! :twisted:
andym said:
If it is Theft and they get the culprit,it could be SNLR after a spell of Puns/Cells.

This is neither the time or place to discuss your infatuation with railways Andy! :wink: :lol:

Anyway I though the Scottish North Lothian Railway company went bust in 1948, its services no longer required...


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Theft isnt tolerated in any shape and form in the RN.

Once on board you need to be able to trust your Oppos with your life, let alone your valuables.

As has been said, it needs to be reported straight away, there is nothing to gain by waiting.

As long as your fiance has done his best to safeguard his property, he is fine.

So get it reported and hopefully get it found.

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