Whilst i'm waiting for a start date for CIS(SM) i was wondering if anyone knows of any good websites or books that i could study to help me before i start my Phase 2 training and expand my knowledge of a submarine and it's systems.

I know the things i'll study during Phase 2 will be alot more in depth than anything i could find in the public domain, but thought i could get a head start to get my head around things such as submarine warfare, weapons, nuclear propulsion etc.

This is all in the hope that i can pass my SMQ quicker and not be a "oxygen thief" for long.

Don't fill your head up with shite you get from books or the internet. Take each course as it comes, the first being getting through Phase 1, then CISSM and THEN you'll be doing an 8 week SM leave it until then.
Any info picked up on the tinternet, even from us, will be out of date, a bum steer, not applicable or complete bollocks.

Do each course one at a time, dont worry youll get there if you pay attention, if you appear to know too much stand by for a fall, everyone hates a smart arse.

Once in, courses in the Navy are trying to teach you the relevant information you will need.
they have selected you allready they want you to pass, they have invested in you and want you to succeed.
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I'll sell you my dit book. Only a wee bit out of date, but it still smells of boat, so you can breath the atmosphere. Might help you pass your panel board too.

Oh wait, CIS...........
Thanks for the comments guys, i was just wanting to get a headstart but as you say i am best waiting until i get the relevant information from the best people.

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