Studying whilst in the navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chippy1989, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. If you join as a rating, will they allow you to study for a degree whilst your in? I thought I read somewhere that they can help with the cost or is that only for degrees related to jobs within the navy.

  2. Yes they will help you with the cost, and you can pretty much study what you want with in reason. But you got to remember time is never on your side.
  3. Chippy, You sir are in luck Pusser relishes those that want to get on in life. I only wish I had taken the opportunities when I was in. Don't worry overly about what young Daffy says there is always plenty of time to go find a quiet place to study when you're on deployment. Trust me you will save some dosh too seeing as you won't be down the mess racking up the beer boat bill. opps sorry Joss didn't see you there, I meant to say goffer boat.
  4. Can you take A Levels in there as well or a course that can give you the grades to get into Uni, i wish i stuck in at school. i would also want to retake my GSCE Maths if i had the chance too
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Go into Bombers, you'll have loads of time to study.
  6. When it comes to education in the services the world is your oyster.
    Use your annual education allowance every year, OK you may have to add some of your own hard earned cash to it to pay for the course you want to do but so what.
  7. This page on the RN website is relevant. It contains this section:

    See also this page (follow the links for fees, etc) on the Marine Society's College of the Sea website which contains this section:

  8. Don't study. Ever. It is a tacit admittance that you do not actually know everything, hence a sign of weakness
  9. good question!
    I was wondereing about this recetnly as well.
    I've just applied and got my EngTech status with the IET, I want to continue working towards chartered engineer, is there opportunites to do this also if i continue to work and get a degree also with the RN?
  10. The world is your oyster

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