studying while a marine

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by 9inchesofheaven, Dec 8, 2006.

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  1. hi guys was just wondreing if I'd be able to complete my degree while in the marines or if I should finish before I join. I'm doing a BSC to honours level.thanx
  2. Get it finished first, you will be too busy later! Talk to your careers office as you might be able to get sponorship at uni, with a guaranteed place at the end. Don't know the up to date details so check it out.
  3. Good advice "stumpy",
  4. When was Studying and Marines invented ? not in my day :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Definitely would finish first. You will need to focus on the training and won't have time to study anything else really. Why make it more difficult that it needs to be.

  6. 9 inches. Not sure if you are doing your degree part or full time. In either case you will not have time in training or once you are in a unit for the first couple of months. THere are options once you have joined for getting your enhanced learning credits and education allowance spent on graduate level courses. Even a modular masters programme. However that is some way in the future if you end up joining. If you are crrently at Uni consider officer entry. Call the numbers of the webstie and get a booklet and do a POC/AIB. Next batch entry is Sept 08. The Bde is going to Afghanistan in Oct 2009 (HERRICK 9) so if you join the Sept 08 you will pass out in Dec 0 and in all liklihood take on your first troop in Afghanistan. THe MArines will also pay (Retrospectively) for your final year. THey paid for all three of mine. Brilliant.
  7. Finish the degree before joining. If possible apply for officer entry, if not apply for officer after joining. Can't be too many marines with a BSc. For marine officer they will be looking carefully at your potential leadership qualities.

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