Studying Medicine While in The Service.

I am looking for some career advice, I am currently an AB1 EW and have been in the Navy for coming up to 4 years. I have managed to get some qualifications during this time and have been accepted for a 6 year Medicine Degree (1 year pre med) starting in 2014. I would like to continue my career in the Navy and become a medical officer.

Would I have to leave the service and rejoin for this career path? I have been told is that you can only get sponsorship for your last 3 years of Medical School.



War Hero
That's correct, the mob aren't going to pay you a wage to go to uni for six years.

That said, the sponsorship starts at £18k and the remuneration pre-registration onwards, certainly recoups the costs incurred.

Give the medical recruiting specialists a call after the bank holiday: 02392 727096.

Good luck.

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