Students worried by cows rescued

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by AfterSSE, Jul 10, 2007.

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    What are today's kids made of, when you can't muster up enough gut to walk by some fairly innocent cows for crying out loud...tis to weep...mind you I got stuck once in a field, only it wasn't a cow it was the spouse....but feck could I run then... :w00t:

    The monies spent tying up these precious resources should be charged back to the parents of these kids...I mean really, they could have gone around it for fecks sake... :rambo:
  2. [​IMG]
    but im so SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Christ... I had girls like that in my year at Sixth Form, the sort that would cry if they couldn't have a cup of coffee because the machine was broken... I kid you not.
  4. Amazing.

    If they want to meet a load of scary cows in the dark, they should go to Emma's in Gosport on a Friday night! :wtf:
  5. Three women trampled by cows in Cumbria on release from hospital they where asked to identify cows but they couldn't stating they all looked the same!! True!!

    Woman looked anxious crossing the field I asked if she was ok she stated she was frightened of cows!

    She had just returned from OZ having walked over the rim of the Sydney Harbour bridge! And she is scared of cows
  6. Oh diddums..
    Where they scaredy werdy by the nasty cowsie wowsies..
    Quick! Where is my three minute cow conselling course book? I could make a small fortune.
  7. Bloody Scarey things - cows!! I mean - mooing what's that all about anyway?

  8. More than enough scary cows up here, on the long dark winter nights, praying on Jack and Royal when they fall out of the night club :)
  9. In reality cows can be quite narky if they have calfs and farmers treat them with the gfreatest respect, even so there are several injuries a year from such cows.

    Mind you these ones were probably quite harmless and any way gives us all a laugh
  10. One of the poor little dears had to be taken to hospital for a check up because she was 'feeling cold' ffs.

    Christ, they had to get to the other side of a field with cows in. They were frightened of the cows, well the feck did'nt they go around the bloody filed???????????????????????????????
  11. Silly moos . Mind you some of those cows in Pompey and Guzz wuz a bit savage .
  12. It's a cow!! They are the most docile creatures on earth. FFS they just stand there when dairy farmers molest them.

    What's the world coming to? I dunno.
  13. Concur!
  14. dunjamon, you are right about the cows being docile. That said, I remember being on holiday in Sri Lanka with an ex girlfriend. Her dad had been a cowman on dairy farms, man and boy. Consequently, she saw cows as just big pets. So we are on a track in the middle of BF nowhere and there's a cow chomping on a cardboard box. Jude strolls over to said cow to make a fuss over her, as was her custom. The said cow was not happy and with a toss of her head and a flash of bloody big horns, Jude's in the air and flat on the deck in, err, the shake of a cow's tail. A rapid retreat, with a minor scratch and a few bruises, and an important lesson was learned about foreign/wild cows.
  15. EEk, double post!
  17. They can't be the only ones who show absolutely no emotion when their mammarys are molested.

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