Students + EDL = handbags!


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Quoted from the guy who set the group up. Not me before I receive flogging........ If anyone would like to kick his head in??

Right. Many of you know Malcolm Kerr - the lucky ones of you don't. He loves shit. Doing shit. On things. And people. Like the time he made a girl throw up when he took a shit on Princes St. Or the time he took a shit in his hand. Or, most famously, the fact he's not allowed in any casino in Scotland after taking a shit on a blackjack table to win a £5 bet.

But now - his biggest challenge ever.

On a drunk night out, I challenged him to take a shit on the feet of the palace guards at Buckingham Palace. And in his vulnerable state, he agreed.Now, theory says the palace guards are not allowed to move. I want to see if that's true or not. Plus, Malcolm loves shitting in exotic places. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

However, I need your help!

The bet is this: If I can get this group to 5,000 members, Malk will do the deed. I will drive down to London with him and video him defecating on his victim. The video/pictures will then be uploaded to facebook for all to see.

How can you not want to see this?!?!

I need help!! Please join and invite your friends!!

Phillip Laing got smashed by the papers for urinating on a war memorial. I want more.

"Boy jailed for shitting on feet of palace guards."
Alfacharlie said:
If I see the cnut, i'll p1ss in his mouth.

What a fcuktard.
:lol: I will go round and fcuk his mother and father while he's out. Bind his dog in masking tape and sell it to my local Korean delicatessen for dismemberment and eventual sexual gratification.
I have joined this group. Personally I can't wait for it to reach it's target audience of 5000. I'm looking forward to a battle hardened Glaswegian Scots Guard who is still slightly unhinged after a life of drinking Bucky and witnessing the horrors of the 'ghan, inserting a freshly cleaned bayonet into Mr Kerr's hoop mid shit, while he carries out an about turn on his grid wearing highly polished ammo boots.

It would fcuking make my day.

On a seperate note, here is a video of a Guardsman doing a sick whilst on guard, epic:
Might as well get another group formed cause i can see him needing a coffin, so cash will have to raised.

But might as well join the group.


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Well done the Grenadiers! Throw up and carry on. Good drills.

As to this retard that wants to poo, i hope he does. I really, really do. The aftermath will be a thing of beauty.
Ok been thinking about this, if this guy does succed and escapes the guard, i think he is going to be the most wanted man in London.

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