Student yob with no respect at all

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brigham600, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Total lack of respect and indicitive of modern Britain right now.

  2. Scum.
  3. How do you know she/he is British?
  4. Thanks brig! Couldn't post it am at uni xx
  5. Why don't you just sod off you trolling inane muppet.
  6. How I'd love a few minutes with this soap dodging halfwit.
  7. Its a bloke I rekon. You have to understand that individuals perception of the given argument in order to truly understand how much of a short sighted ignorant undeserving cnut he is. Unfortunately, given that most of us gave up our emotional malice and childish beliefs a long time ago we will never quite understand him.

    Fortunately a 5.56 does not give a pony and will shred that Guci jacket without prior thought.
  8. Are you giving him recommends? :wink:
  9. Well come on then we give in, how do you know? Having said that I can see from the content of your posts that you are prone to making assumptions. :)
  10. The pasty complexion and total lack of fashion sense are big clues I'd say. Brigs didn't claim the twunt was British just that his/her actions showed a lack of respect for the fallen common in Britain today.
  11. Dead right, I assumed lone ago that you were a troll and complete and utter oxygen thief and I have been proven right on that score.

    Back on thread, it was a student in London and although 'IT' may be foreign, I very much doubt it or have you not seen the news lately?
  12. No doubt some good person will ID the culprit.
    Just remains to see what happens after that.
    Having some Stocks on The Mall might learn 'It' a lesson.
  13. It may come as a surprise to you having made the assumption, but I live in a town house and not under a bridge.

    Good to see that you have had the sense to say that the thing in question may not be British. More speed less haste when compiling your posts would be a good start.
  14. 'indicitive of modern Britain' doesn't suggest that Brigham was stating that he or she is British.
  15. If you reread my initial post you will see that I never said the person WAS British did I? I said it was indicitive of Britain - Reading not one of your strong points then muppet chops, or did you not have your NHS glasses on at the time?
  16. Are we running a lotto on how long before he reaches A&E intensive critical care.
  17. Depends on how fast his lord and protector, the great lefty known as Finknottle can save his butt I think?
  18. I knew that ww1 bayonet would be good for something....

    Fuckin cnut!

    Lets hope karma prevails.
  19. Chaps; in all fairness, brigham600 merely wrote "indicitive of modern Britain" . He did not write indicitive of the modern British.

    The only point I would make is that he did make a direct comment about Mr finknottle, which some may consider to have been rather bad form.

    What a pity the flag contract wasn't given to Johnny Frog for his "value for money" polyester crap. Otherwise Mr (I reckon) look-at-me-I'm-Bat-Man would be spitting snot and teeth down Whitehall.
  20. I think the plod missed a golden opportunity for some live tazer practice.

    Which made me think, when all the "students" were packed in together, how many would recieve the zap from a taser?

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