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I am currently in the application process for a Student Naval nurse and one of the requirements is for me to have 2 weeks clinical work experience. I have been working as a care assistant in a residential care home part time (alongside A levels) for around 3 months now and I'm unsure whether this would qualify as 'clinical' work experience. I have attempted/am still attempting to get work experience in a hospital setting though have so far been unsuccessful. I wonder whether anyone could help me clarify what would qualify as clinical work experience?

Thank you


Hi Magg2015,

I think clinical does sound like hospital based experience.

Best bet would be to speak to your local AFCO who can put you in touch with the nursing recruitment team.

Are there registered nurses that work at your residential home? If so, see if you can shadow them for 2 weeks when they do medications or dressings etc.

If not keep trying the hospital. Or maybe your local GP practice nurse.


Hi NN+2018,
I’d did think that was the case. There are only district nurses that come into the home but I will see If they can help.
I’m going to try around local GP practices again. Thanks very much for your reply/advice.


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Your local hospital will have an NHS recruitment and/or work experience phone number. If it doesn't, a bigger one nearby will. Phone them and explain what you need to do.


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You could always ring the medical Specialist Recruiting Team for a bit of a pointer, don't worry, they don't bite: 02392 727096.

If they do bite, they can probably sort you out for a rabies jab.

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