Student Nurse application.


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Could you give me an insight to the application process for Student nurses is it a long and lengthy process and then is it a long wait for start dates if you get threw application thanks in advance


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The process mirrors the regular RN selection process, for those who meet the academic entry requirement and score high enough in the recruit test, with the addition of a nurses board in Portsmouth.

Off the top of my head, because they spend 3 years in uni, they need to commence their ten weeks Initial Naval Training at HMS Raleigh at least ten weeks before the start of the university academic year. This being the case, there will only be one intake a year, usually June. Each intake is usually only about twelve people, so standards are high and the academic entry standard is set by the university.

I would imagine applicants may still apply for this years entry, if it is not already full. To check specific entry and training criteria, talk to the specialist medical recruiters in Portsmouth: 02392 727096.


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Ha - sonar bender wait for boat nearly over he been given a date to st least complete wet phase, thank god - he using house like a hotel and home every weekend on the bevy! He needs to work properly now! Daughter very keen meeting careers adviser this week te nursing

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