Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chicogiz, Oct 13, 2011.

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  1. I have just been offered a contract with Eddie Stobart! Which when im 21 i will get my Class 1 lisence and will do long haul trucking to europe etc. This as ive been told i could be earning upto a max wage of £80'000.

    Now the hard part. Navy is all i ever wanted to do but do i take the contract? Like they say some chances only come around once. Im really stuck in the middle of nowhere and clueless what to do.


    Edit: Advice welcome...... accept Welchesse.
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2011
  3. Keep on truckin' and don't eat too many yorkie bars.
  4. Chico,

    Over the years at RR you have gained a flavour of what the RN may be like. Then, last year you tasted Part One for a while.

    It's on record here how much you've always fancied a military life and you have a much-desired firm RALEIGH entry date of 6 Nov.

    Along the way you have had quite a struggle (and you may still struggle this time around) but place aside that mirage of £80k for a while and just consider the two jobs.

    In one you'll be all on on your lonesome; snug up high in a cab seeing Europe from the highways and by-passes, dodging all of the (other?:wink:) idiots on the road directed by the sonorous tones of Tom Tom and hamstrung to speed limits by your engine's speed governor as you weave between the roadwork diversions and fret about your tacho miles/hours versus your tight delivery deadlines.

    Compare a few years of that to what the Pusser offers you by way of companionship, prospects, work, play and sport.

    Does that '£80k' but lonely carrot still seem attractive? Only you can make the decision...:-|

  5. For a change, I don't mean to piss on your chips but many of my old school oppos drive for Stobart (You have three job choices growing up in Cumbria, farming, Forces or Stobart) and none of them are on anywhere near 80k pa, even internationally.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Current jobsearch adverts for LGV C+E (Class 1) drivers with Eddie Stobart Group indicates that the average wage is £8-10/ph. Unless you are intending breaking EU driving laws or fiddling your tachograph, you will not earn £80,000. Perhaps you could try illegal immigrant smuggling instead..? :shock:
  7. Bite! Bite! Bite!
  8. I admire your balls Chico for posting on here after failure in part 1 training knowing the flak that would come your way. There was some suggestion that you were to try the Army instead, now Stobart.......''navy is all I have ever wanted'', you have answered your own question. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  9. I will give you some serious advice, many on this forum seem inable to do so.

    I would say join the RN first, enjoy a career with a great pension at the end. Once you have done this finish off your working life at stobart, a job you can do till your retiring ( eye sight dependant )
  10. Lorry drivers don't wear glasses then?
  11. Ask your self this,
    What have you always wanted to do, military? Or lorry driver? Odd suggestion why not get all your driving tickets when in the forces, then perhaps if you decide to leave you can take driving up?
  12. At one time you could get your Class 1 at 17 as a Chock head. May still be able to.
  13. How very different that must be for you Chico!:slow:

    Take the job offer, when you get qualified reapply for the RN, not only will you have a Class 1 if you get kicked out again but you'll have a trade for your later life.
    It might also help you to mature a bit.
    And practice your ironing.:laughing2:
  14. Thanks for your advice, but i dont want yours.
  15. ===================================================


    No contest - You'd better do as our latest expert Welchyy says, Chico.

    For who would dare fault the one who would rather listen to his dead cat than hoist in any of the distilled wisdom and experience offered freely to him at RR?
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Stick to the pavement Jiz. You can't even operate a washing machine and iron, so I imagine a HGV might just be beyond your abilities.
  17. Trying to get driving courses in the mob is a pain now. The only one that I have ever got is B+E because I needed it for the job I was in. Needing it for your PQ Number is the only way you will ever get it now it would seem.
  18. Why did you get hoofed out the first time around?

    If it was for P Org or fitness, remain a civvie and let a more deserving person take your place.

    There are enough fat cluster fucks in the mob already who managed to hide under the radar (or in Greggs) during the first round of redundancies.
  19. Looking at timelines, you probably binned him. He said you're a ****!

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