Stuck on Security Clearance


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Hi guys

i know i can phone the AFCO and i intend to in the morning if i don't get an answer sooner. I am currently filling in my security check. Up to the section where it says supervisors. I was in the Navy for 6 weeks before i PVR'd due to personal reasons. I dont have any contact details for my PO at Raleigh. What should i do regarding this section.



Lantern Swinger
Thank you ninja, was hoping you would be on tonight. That's everything done now. Submarine look at life course and fitness test done this week and now this completed! Any ideas how long it will take to get a date?


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It depends on your branch. Generally, once you complete all elements of selection, including the PJFT, you'll be notified of your entry date as a submariner, anything between 3 to 6 months ahead of the actual entry date. Sometimes it's less if there's a cancellation or it's a shortage category branch.

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