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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by mick82, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. I have recently passed my medical after losing just under 4 stone to meet the right bmi for entry , now that I have lost enough weight I want to start training on my body strengh and tone up but I dont want to balls up and put on weight again , as I dont know the best way to train to achieve this I would be very gratefull if someone on here could give me few training tips or a full routine if possible . For the last 6 months I have just been doing non stop cardio to get my weight down and understand that getting my weight off wont be enough when basic training comes around . I tried to look up the royal marines training guide but you have to enter all your details and didnt want to as I dont want it looking like I am interested at joining the marines when am already going throu the process of applying for the navy ( or wont that matter ) .
    So sorry to harp on for ages , if any one on here could help me out I would be really gratfull . Thanks
  2. Walking...miles and miles, walk everywhere. Unless there are exceptional circumstances no journey of less than six miles by any kind of vehicle.
    It's cheap, easy and all you need is decent clobber for the weather. If you find yourself standing still or worse sitting down for more than fifteen minutes, get up and move.
    If you must use transport then go by bike.
  3. Alright mate, i am in the process of training for divers, im a ex bootneck my training consist of

    Monday- Chest, Tri and Bis
    Tuesday- 2.4k run and 1000m Front Crawl Swim
    Wednesday- Shoulders and Back
    Thursday 5 mile Run and 1000m Front Crawl Swim
    Friday Legs, Core Strength

    I have been using this routine for many years now as it works for me, and as mentioned above walk, bike or run everywhere, try avoid using the car as much as possible. I bike to work every day as its down hill to work and uphill getting back home which strengthen up my legs. Also i eat fairly healthy as diet is just as important, but make sure you get plenty of rest.
  4. Just wanna add something here. Eating healthy doesn't mean eating less, it just means eating "clean" food. High protein, high carb and low fat. I've seen a few people cut calories massively when they start training-a few of my friends have started weightlifting and they've done it- and wonder why they're not making any progress.
  5. Yea good point Zoidberg, you still want to get the food down you, but its got to be clean. No point harping on about what to eat as alot of it is just common sense, save your junk food for the weekend.
  6. Get a job in a restaurant till you join up? Since starting work as a waitress, I think I've halved my body weight...
  7. And laying off the booze does wonders!

    Me too, except as a waiter. I lost so much muscle due to ridiculous hours and bad diet it's unreal though so that's one example of how diet is important :)
  8. Do you mind telling us what you need the muscle for? The average, ordinairy Jack doesn't need it and with few exceptions life on board ship is sedentary with little opportunity to get real exercise.
    Ok so you need to vaguely exert yourself in basic training, but after that you are hardly ever going to need to do so.
    The reason why some sailors stay thin is because they are young, and should be slim at that age, mostly in any case. Others are disposed to being thinner no matter what they eat, or how little exercise they get.
    Your life will be work, sleep and eat, and not necessarily in that order, and that can go on for months at a time.
    A brief look at the lastest 'Warship' series on TV surely shows that not a few of the crew are not shy of a fish supper or three.
  9. Did I say I "need" the muscle? It never hurts to be as fit or as strong as possible. :roll:
  10. Ok then why do you need the fat for ?
    As i mentioned i am a ex bootneck and i like keeping my self fit, hence could be the reason im going for divers.
  11. I think a better description would be "excess fat" and "excess muscle", perhaps.
  12. All of the above, just be prepared that when you develop muscle your weight will increase. Muscle weighs heavier than fat.That is why the BMI is over rated and not often used anymore. The RN can be a bit slow at catching up sometimes :wink: The old adage of pinching an inch still works.If you can pinch more than an inch at your waist you are carrying too much fat thats 2.5cm in the new money.
    Why not join a sporting club or a gym make friends and train with a group, you can also check out the chicks at the same time :lol:
    Remember fitness is nothing to do with physique, it is the time taken for your pulse to return to normal after exertion.
    In reality the RN are putting you through a test to determine your stamina.I did say that they were a bit slow at catching up :lol:
  13. Incidently never ask a submariner how to lose fat..........he will suggest a trip to the heads with a Playboy Magazine :D
  14. I'm willing to give that a go.
  15. Poorly phrased by myself. No it does not hurt to be as fit and strong as possible; my point rather is that it would be better to be fit and lythe than muscled.
  16. This is what Im doing at the mo.
    Monday 40 mins High CV
    Tuesday 1 - 2 hrs low CV
    Wednesday 1hr Resistance training
    Thursday 40 Mins High CV
    Friday 1 hr resistance training
    Sat -rest day
    Sun -rest day

    Low CV 60% of max Heart Rate
    High CV 85% of max Heart Rate

    This is what I picked up from Army PTIs as Im currently working with REME at Arborfield, tailor any work out regime to your own needs and set obtainable goals such as:-
    2'' of waist
    improve mile and half time by a minute
    increase muscle mass whilst decreasing body fat, weight is not critical.

  17. Looks like a good training program. Do you use a heart rate monitor, so you can work out 60 % and 85% of your heart max rate, how is it working out for you?
  18. Yep I use a heart rate monitor, max heart rate is 220-age, therefore for me high CV work is 155-160 bpm whilst i generally hover at about 130 bpm for low cv work. btw im 36.
  19. Thanks malspal , I agrea with you on the bmi check , dont get me wrong I was a fat bastard like but even now I have lost almost 4 stone and am almost my proper weight going off the bmi counter I can still pinch a good inch 8O , I just wanna decent training plan improve my physique and confidence for when I start my basic training . Am pretty confident my fitnesss is ok as ive trained none stop on my cardio for months to shed the weight .
    Its crazy how fit they want you to be on entry but after basic training it doesnt matter , I cant get my head around that but if thats how it works that how it works :?

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