Strongman winner claimed benefit

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 18, 2007.

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  1. What a complete pointy head boner. The crime is, as always, getting caught. Especially in this case. BTW, looks like a bouncer to me, nuff said. :wink:
  2. If you do go on disability Slim.

    Do not draw a pension even if your pension is fifty pence above income support you will recieve nothing from no place. No help with rent or rates. No help with prescription charges.

    Worse thing I ever did was draw my private pension thinking the life style would improve some.

    Best to never have worked and just go cap in hand complaining of a bad back or allergic to the great outdoors and crowds. Like piss head round the corner agraphobia unable to go out the front door never worked last job he had was a milk monitor at school. Rent free rates free shops on line. Lazy cnut??

    The powers that be should stake out the local off license. But perhaps that comes under medication???
  3. Backpacker
    When I was made redundant I was not even allowed to claim job seekers allowance. seems my navy pension and company pension negated it. Even without my pensions the fact that I had money saved would have stopped it, like the majority in this country who have worked and played by the rules. However I would like to think that everything I own is paid for and has been obtained by hard work and diligence, but the real reason is being fortunate in having an extremely sensible wife who ever since we married has ensured that money coming in did not exceed money going out.

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