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Recognising only the Polish name Orzel a search of the internet finally produced a Russian built and designed Kilo class boat named after its famous forbearer. Are you saying that in some recent exercise it did very well. As the reputation the design has says it would?


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I would suggest that any 'good' DE boat well handled will have the edge on an SSN in some conditions and that if this report has any veracity to it the exercise or at least part of it was intended to bring this fact home to todays steam driven submariners.



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The Americans have, I believe, a Norwegian D/E boat over there on loan, they seem to be having trouble finding her. Mind you us old D/E men could have told them that. I honestly believe that its a mistake to go wholly Nuc. with your Boat fleet. D/E Boats have many uses and a mixture of the Nuc. and D/E would still be the way to go.


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It sounds like the export standard Kilo that Poland sent to the Centenary celebrations in 2001 in Faslane. I went onto that one for a ganders - tight little boat and seemed quite capable. I wouldn't be surprised if it wiped the floor in a SS vs SSN exercise. There isn't much to get a bearing on if it was on motor at low revs.


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Anyone who's ever done a CASEX inshore has probably had some form of Scandiwegian chucking smoke on a regular basis. They're a nightmare - it's such a good thing the brass think that the submarine threat has gone away.......

Even the Yanks have cottoned - it's a Swedish boat that they have basically contracted to use as a semi-permanent exercise asset. VERY sensible idea methinks......


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Are the RN's submarines steam driven, or is the steam used to generate electricity, ie driven with electric motors?

Would have thought they'd use electric these days rather than steam for better handling?
Nuc Boats have steam turbines as main propulsion .
Also have Steam driven Turbine generators.

They have a battery drive capability but its not really used in normal mode.

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