stripes on parade uniform.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gammaguy117, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. I've noticed that people seem to have red or gold stripes on their uniform and other sorts of badges.

    could anyone share with me what they mean?

    many thanks

  2. Gold stripes are 4 years undetected crime. Red stripes are SCC one year undetected crime? Maximum of three GCB stripes fro RN ratings worn up tp PO and then at 15 years its the LS&GC medal
  3. It was possible to have 4 under training at Ganges, 12 years service in the Army and/or RAF plus one for being Class Leader
  4. many thanks Barney :)
  5. It's also worth noting that the 4 years undetected crime only begins from when you are 17.5 years old. Therefore if you joined at 16 then you don't get your first badge until you have done 5.5 years of service, you get your second at 9.5 years and your third at 13.5 years.
  6. Just a hunch, but I wager you've only ever seen those stripes from a distance :D

  7. Surely not, Ganges and HMS St. Vincent trained ratings from the ages of 15 to 16. So trainees were too young to have accumulated service in the Army or that other organisation
    HMS Raleigh trained the adult entrants.
  8. Amazingly I'm entitled to one, despite all my high jinks and tomfoolery. I never picked it up though as I was on big time RDP at the time and had no intention of ever wearing my number 1s again.

    Shame really, I would've loved to have battered a sprog with a Samson bar down the back gulch, while shouting 'badges of gold, do what you're told.'
  9. Don't worry 2DD fella me and Cat will do that for ya
  10. Adult entry1973 on
  11. Whist that is currently correct, in years gone past, gold badges were worn by RN ratings on No1 uniform, and red were worn on Nos2/4.
  12. Nos 2s did go out mid 90s IIRC so the chances of the OP meaning Nos 2s are remote! But thank you for correcting me!
    And did we have Nos 4s when we had Nos 2s? I thought 4s came in when 2s went? Did you really wear GCBs on 4s/8s whatever they were called then? I remember alot of SPOs/CMEMs/POLTOs wearing Nos 2 jacket with 8s but was it ever an official rig?
  13. Don't think of it as correction, it's just some additional information. I agree that the OP is likely to have never seen No2s in the flesh, but there are a load of photos and moving picture thingies that show Jack wearing red badges, and I wouldn't want them to think that they were thirtysomething Sea Cadets.

    The 4s I'm referring to are blue suits. They were very similar to 2s. To me, 8s are still 8s (though I will call them AWD at a push).
  14. 4s blue suits? Do you mean square rig?
  15. No, fore and aft.
  16. Fore and aft rig was still called Nos 1 and 2s was it not? I started mechs course(MEACC) in 1995 and I think we were the first class not to get Nos 2s,we went from square rig, to fore and aft on starting course.
  17. We had 1s, 2s, and 4s.
  18. 1s and 2s were the same cut just red or gold badges,what was 4s? In the day 1s and 2s were of different cloth I believe but mine were the same cloth.
  19. Old Nos 1s became Nos 2s when you got new Nos 1s ? or when flairs came in?
  20. I have never heard that before but its brilliant. Was that really something that was done and said. It almost makes me want a ships draft again haha.

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