Strike Carrier Select Committe

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Air Marshall Hillier quote no crows nest capability until 2020!!!! On the Merlin ,so the carrier cannot operate independently:neutral:
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  2. Solved the problem,

    Get rid of the Crabs on the commitee!!!
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  3. When do the fighters come in to service anyway? Giving them time to all get up to speed onboard and integrate with each other i would be surprised if it was able to operate properly before 2020 anyway. Knowing the MOD something vital wont integrate between the two projects.
    Like the fact the new SV trucks the army have cant tow the nice new generators that they also bought.
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    There are no crabs on the Public Accounts Committee. The Air Marshal is a witness.
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  5. and not a very good one ,at that!!!! he had a lot to say, at the Carrier Committe meeting With a fair amount of difficulty, mind you the two civil servants were no better. Gray was out of his depth, along with the crab..Thommo new a bit:neutral: but so he should, on the wedge that he is on, along with the others. Ps Was a relief not to listen to ex PUS Ursula talking absolute bollocks, and her salary was more than that of Dave C:sleepy3:
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  6. And the rest of the committee witness him putting his 10p worth in!
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  8. A question or two about the two new carriers. In my day , Eagle and Ark Royal were both Plymouth based, as Devonport Dockyard had the only dry-dock big enough (but it was tight !) to take them ; Gibraltar and Singapore could also cope . But .....if the new ships are to be significantly larger ,where will the go for DED etc ?? Is Gib big enough ?? ......Sembawang seems a long way to go for a bottom scrape . The other thing is that I remember being in Eagle riding to a buoy downstream from the Forth Bridge ( along with HMCS Bonaventure) because she was "too big to get under it " ; was that because of the Tacan ,984 etc antennae ?? Would QE or POW have to be partially dismantled to reach Rosyth ?? And will they get over the bar in Fremantle ? ---we had to "lose" 4 feet of draught in 1968 !!
  9. She will go to Rosyth dry dock for any major work. She is a big ship but very squat in the water and has a collapsible mast to enable her to get under the forth bridge.

  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As the carriers are being assembled in Rosyth, if they can get out one likes to suppose that they will get back in when the need arises.

    No need to worry about foreign ports. The carriers are to 'project military effect blah at time and a place of our choosing blah but not just yet', not for taking sailors and marines on holiday, nice as a run ashore is.

    Hull coatings last a long time these days and used properly (not too much time at 0 knots) keep the marine growth at bay.
  11. Thanks for replies / answers , but I am certain that Murphy's Law will yet prevail . As to sailors going on holidays ; well , I wouldn't call two months at sea with the odd period anchored off Steamer Point during the Aden withdrawal ,working an 8-day week and flying 24 hours a day (except when anchored !!) a holiday exactly , or another two months permanently on patrol at an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean,with all mail being censored and teams of shrinks ,headed by a Surgeon Captain ,being flown on board to study "morale " and many examples of buggery etc , a holiday either ..... but the food was good , we had our tots ,and I played the banjo !
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    I can tell.
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  13. There was a great cartoon in the ship's newspaper , worthy of "Tugg" ; it had two Eagle sailors chatting on a weatherdeck . One says to the other "Did you get a bit last night ?" to which the other replies " No ! --I went ashore !"
  14. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    bubbleyrat, I realise that you are new so I'll give you some slack. The thread is about the CVF project which is present and if we get there; future. While the past has its place - Respice, Aspice, Prospice* - this thread is not going to become a series of 50 year old dits that have nothing to do with the topic.

    * The motto of the Royal Naval Division at JSCSC.
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