Strike Action!!!!

Discussion in 'RFA' started by scouse, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. What proportion of the RMT membership is the 270 odd people who bothered to vote? Not a massive percentage, I'd suggest.
  2. About 27%.
  3. It's back!
    Navy support workers to strike - UK News - MSN News UK

    In light of the previous comments on this thread is this going to pose a serious threat to RN Operations?
  4. Sponsored reserve status has never been activated for any RFA ship, not least because it costs something in the region of £1000 per head every time it is done and would be a recurring cost as personnel rotate to and from the ship. If activated NDA or AFDA or whatever it is now would apply, though it applies (or would have) anyway if engaged on warlike operations and in other vague circumstances.

    What effect did the previous RMT strike this winter have on RFA operations? I certainly didn't hear of any significant fallout. The usual trick, and the one that I heard was applied for the previous one-day strike, is to make sure that ships are at sea on that day. Striking is at least a little more difficult, and perhaps not permitted, when a ship is at sea. I'm not entirely sure of the details.
  5. roughly the same as some tory MP's :thumright:

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