Stress,what stress

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Soap box time again but this is really winding me up:

    Having watched a few 'celeb reality tv' type things on the box recently, the recurring theme by the majority of the celebs taking part is the stress they are under doing the tasks.

    Watching celeb Master Chef the other night it was all about the stress they are under to perform etc.Its cooking FFS.

    Then watching Strictly Come prancing,again the stress their under,its dancing FFS

    RHS Hampton Court(non celebs) the stress of doing a garden etc etc,its gardening FFS!

    The over use of 'stress' is getting out of hand.Wussies!Get a life FFS

    Perhaps if they want to experience real stress they should spend a week in a slit trench in Helmand or Iraq and whilst at it take some money grabbing MPs with them and see where the dosh they ripped off us working folk to pay for their bath plugs and gardeners etc would have better been spent on decent kit and hardware for those who need it.

    They could even spend time with some of those in the front line at home in the 3 emergency services as well.

    Stress,they dont know the meaning of the word.

    Time for my anti stress tablet now.
    Rant over
  2. A modern condition meaning 'It's not my fault it's not all going my way' :idea:
  3. Amen to that. It makes me sick when in contrast I think of those with flies on their face, those displaced from war, those who get raped and left to die but somehow manage to pull through and show the true nature of real people. Not these fickle breast-suckling morons whose every utterance is another self-serving piece of indulgent guff, trolliping around some manor for fat rejects whilst crying into each other's tits about how awful it is to be different.

    Fancy a pint? :evil:
  4. With you on that one mate!!
  5. Rod please don't post anymore on this subject, its stressing me. 8O :D :D
  6. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The only reason that these stupid programmes are aired is because 'people' watch them. This celebrity thing thats predominant on the TV is a result of the hopeless wishing to be the useless. When asked by a reporter what he wanted to be, when he left school, the twat answered "A celebrity". What values are we teaching the future generation? Everyone wants to go to University, get a degree then go into IT! Everyone wants to be a 'Chief'. Where are all the 'Indians' going to come from. No wonder we are importing foreign labour, our workforce think that to do manual work is demeaning. It's easier to stay on the Social.
    Sorry folks, I didn't mean to have a rant!
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I really feel for those poor people in Big Brother that haven't heard about Michael Jackson's death yet... they're going to be so socially retarded when they come out of the house.

    Oh wait... :shock: :twisted:
  8. Granny you are stressing yourself out..I'll be along shortly with your celebrity stress relief pills as supplied to MJ :D
  9. Ahh now that is a good rant - that is worthy of an 8/10. As we are in Lils one had hoped for a few more expletives hence the "low" score.

    On the subject itself I totally agree. Just some poncey nobody\celebrity trying to get the poor looser watching the TV programme to feel sorry for them.
    Soo glad that we haven't got TV out here. Mind you, we are returning to Blighty at the end of the year. Have I missed much? Looking forward to seeing the Beatles.....
  10. Fully agree (granny). I find the desire for fame for fame's sake very peculiar.

    If I've achieved anything in life it's the anonymity I've always wanted :roll: .
  11. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Beatles have split up apparently, according to Womans Realm.

    On another point,what is the point of all these mags going on about who'es going out with who and who'es got celulite.
    Who actually gives a flying fcuk anyway.
    Perhaps if we got back to the real world life would get better.
    I'm pig sick of Michael Jackson,Jordan,Pete fcuking Andre and all the other self promoting twats.
    Burn the lot of them.All a waste of gravity.
  12. Nobody understands the stress I have on a Monday morning when the alarm goes off.
  13. Wifey buys these mags which I read whilst having a shit. And talking of shit ....
    For an educated woman (well, she can't be that clever as she married me - but that is another subject) I don't get why she needs to know this "gossip" (read: made up, placed stories by PR companies on behalf of their clients who need exposure to get contracts for "their" latest designer make up\perfume\underware\flip flop (delete where appropriate) range).
    Shame we can't give them Oxygen Thief labels and announce hunting season is now on.

    Cynical of Sliema.
  14. Speaking of young womens' mags, I read one on the pot and the subject was "Do I spit or swallow?"
  15. Well for fcuk sake streaky tell us, which do you do :D :D :D

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