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Stress fracture woes! (27th April Joining date)


My stupid leg has really let me down this time, went for x-rays yesterday and I have a stress fracture from overexerting myself ( I thought everything was going too smoothly).

Now I`m joining BRNC on the aforementioned date (27th for the goldfish amongst you), I just wondered how this is going to affect me? I`ve called BRNC and they told me to call AIB who don't answer their fricking phones. I know it is Easter weekend but really come on I`ve engaged flap mode here.

I think it would be pretty downright stupid if I was unable to join because of a potential 6 week lay off so I`ve come here for a morale boost inbetween AIB not answering their phones/responding to my messages and to see what those in the know think could happen.

I`d be grateful for any advice(relevant to this thread if pos!) or words of encouragement.




From an exercise point of view, its best to rest any injury before excerting yourself more so, otherwise it will be an injury that reoccur throughout your life.

I would think that Royal Navy would follow medical sense surrounding injury's, especially as they will be providing you with a health guarantee.

From a sport instructors point of view.



War Hero
Hi Mike

I'm sorry to read about this. I can't answer your specific question about what will happen vis-a-vis BRNC as that is going to surely be a joint decision between the AIB, BRNC and the RN Medics, but what I will say is this:

If it is at all possible, try to find time to rest and relax over Easter. I know that it is easy for me to say, but the rest and relaxation will do you good, mentally and physically, if you have injured yourself. I'm no physio, but I can imagine that putting weight on a stress fracture is not a good idea (but am willing to stand corrected by those who know!). The simple truth is that there is no-one to whom you can actually speak now until Tuesday; you may as well concentrate on your well-being for the next three days. Treat yourself kindly, don't give yourself grief. To be honest, many RN offices (certainly on the Recruiting side) were winding down by lunchtime on Thursday. I wouldn't be surprised if the AIB staff were doing the same, which is why you have been unable to reach them.

Having said that, I'm wondering whether it is worthwhile sending an e-mail to your ACLO over the weekend? I know that he/she won't probably read it until Tuesday, but it will be in his/her inbox, ready for reading and possible action. Another idea is to ring your surgery first thing on Tuesday and ask for an on the day appointment with your GP; he/she could give you a medical appraisal as to how long your injury needs to heal and may be able to write something on your behalf (although I appreciate that the ultimate arbiter with regard to fitness for RN training is always a RN Medic).

These words are scant comfort for you, I know. It is probably the not knowing what is going to happen and not being able to set the ball rolling which concerns you; I'm sure that once you start speaking to people on Tuesday, things will start to look clearer.

I think that maybe a little Easter egg might be called for.

I hope you feel better soon.


Sorry to hear this mate. Hope it all turns out OK and I see you on the 27th. Best of luck with it all.


Rest otherwise it wont heel. to Try and just do some swimming to keep yourself ticking over. You need to get some expensive well cushioned trainers, I would take a few sets of gel sole inserts to basic with you aswell. The hi-techs they give you are not designed for such a demanding course, why they make you wear them is beyond me? Those trainers are risking injury and generally making everyone more susceptible to shin splints. Best way to combat this is to sneak some gel inserts into them, otherwise youll be struggling all the way threw basic.


Thanks for all the kind words and advice. Following what has come up here I have emailed AIB and text my ACLO(he never answers his phone) just so that they have something on their records for when I first contacted them as it can't hurt to be proactive.

I originally consulted my GP about the injury and he was the one who sent me for an x-ray, getting him to write a medical appraisal (positively weighted if I pay him enough money!) should be no problem.

I`ve switched my exercise regime over to swimming(breast stroke only as front crawl aggravates the injury) and strength training already.

The more I think about it the more of a disaster this is, roll on Tuesday so I can get the official word on the matter.

Thanks again,




Sorry to hear this. Stress fractures are a bugger. They sometimes heal quickly and sometimes take a long time. The treatment is rest- nothing more advanced than that. Yours sounds pretty significant- they are often hard to see on plain xray (as against a bone scan or an MRI).

As such there's not much you can do about it so stop beating yourself up. Your BRNC entrance may well be pushed right by a term to let you heal: initial phase is not condusive to rest and I wouldn't have wanted to be nursing an injury through it. It's not the end if the world though, but I understand it may seem like that now.

Completely agree wrt the trainers- splash out but not without a running assessment. For now stick to things like swimming though- no impact for at least 4 weeks. And if you smoke, stop! Healing takes a lot longer in smokers as the foot blood supply is pretty rubbish at the best of times.


Some awesome news actually!

The good people at my doctors decided to mix up the results with some other poor fellas, they let me know yesterday when the proper receptionist came back from easter hols. Turns out my problem is just me being a wussy hypochondriac, that or the problem is so small it will only be revealed with a bone scan (as angry doc said).

Either way I don't care. Couple more days rest then a test run and sounds to me like my pain will have gone, I`m only disappointed I missed a few days running and ate lots of choc instead :-(

Lock this thread, burn it, destroy it. I`m going to BRNC and I`ll run/hop on one leg if I have to anyway.
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