Stress cure

A manager notices one of his staff gets a bit stressed towards the end of the day, so he says to him, Steve when I feel my self getting wound up, I put my coat on and go home, when I arrive I go into the kitchen get a bottle of red and two glasses, go through to the living room and sit down with my wife, we have a glass or two, a kiss and a cuddle then upstairs and into bed and the next day I come to work a different man, ready to face the world, why don’t you try it. A couple of days later the manager sees Steve get up, put his coat on and leave, next day Steve comes in all smiles, the manager says, I saw you getting a bit stressed did you follow my advice, sure did says Steve, straight into the kitchen, bottle of red, through to living room, coupleof glasses with the wife, kiss and cuddle and upstairs into bed, it worked a treat, I feel a new man, and what a lovely house you’ve got.
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