Strength and size Vs endurance?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Globe-Trotter, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Now heres one for the Meatheads...

    Ive currently been weight training on/off for a year but in the last 2/3 months been pushing hard for size and strengh (low reps) over definiton/endurance (high reps)

    Now I going to try and explain what I mean but I think im going to make a mess of it though so here goes.

    Attempted a first assemsment of my press ups etc and got these results..

    57 marine press ups
    65 marine sit ups
    6 marine pull ups

    I was quite suprised as I thought I would do worse especially as I havent even been training in those excersises.So im not far off PRMC standard for these.


    Im carrying a bit of extra fat (from my bulking work) and im now working a lot harder on my CV side so this should start burning off now.So should I just carry on with my power/strength work as I have for the last few months?(it hasnt done me any harm as Im pretty much at the PRMC standard already)or should I consolidate what ive got and work on my upperbody endurance (stop going for size and condtion now.)

    Hopefully you will know what I mean

    I dont want to lose too much of my size as Im not a big bloke anyway and I want to keep some size for carrying the kit on the tabs etc.In the TA I was pretty much an all rounder but some of the racing snakes could run like lighting but couldnt carry the kit on the tabs.

    What I was thinking was carrying on as I was till about 2 weeks before the PRMC and condtion what ive got,Good plan or not?
    Long thread eh-lol
  2. :sleepy1:
  3. I guess being a slightly overweight, late 30s, submariner, I can’t really comment, but here goes. From my limited experience of working with guys who use submarines to deliver them and their kit to wherever they need to be, endurance is the way ahead.
  4. You don't see many Rambos or Arnies in the real military mate, unless your a US Navy Seal or Force Recon Marine.. all brawn no common dog.
    Endurance everytime.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Why settle for the six pack look when the beer barrel is now the "in" look?
  6. I usually run about 2km then congratulate myself on a job well done before settling down with a twix and a fag.
  7. Surely this is one for the women to answer!
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Pity the RNFT is 2.4km - a little more application and you could pass it! :)
  9. They'd just replace Vs with and.......

    Which doesn't strike me as unfair.
  10. It's 2.5, And you sound like any one of my childhood teachers!
  11. I hate to go all schoolteacher on you, but the RNFT is either the multi stage fitness test (bleep test) or a 2.4K run. The level you need to achieve is based upon gender and average VO2 max for your age group.

    Top tip, I’ve been in the mob just shy of 21 years, and the RNFT hasn’t changed its format since its introduction.

  12. Power exercises will build a decent core strength but you mustn't ignore endurance based exercises, circuit training etc

    Fair one, you can do a load of press ups but it's when they ask (lol) you to do them over and over again that you need that base of fitness

    Heart and lungs everytime mate

  13. I concur.
    However, I prefer chicken myself :rendeer:

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