Streets for heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tanter, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, and it has been a long established practice in reality, why does the cynic in me see this as a Labour vote grabbing ploy?
  2. Probably because that's what it is.
  3. That's proposterous, political parties trying to grab votes?!?
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  4. I think this is a brilliant idea!
  5. It might as well be military heroes rather than the local political bigwigs.The vast majority won't have heard of either so it matters not.As for being a vote catcher,the relatively small number who bother to vote in local elections will need more than this to secure their allegiance.
  6. At least it is better than the names of Middle Eastern financial benefactors over (in)famous WW1 battles
  7. As broadside said, it almost certainly is...but so is everything that a political party does. That's what they're for - self promotion. I have now reached a degre of cynicism where I don't believe that any politician whatsoever does anything for the common good.

    Apart from Tony that is.

    Edit: Arghhh - not that Tony. Another one.
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  8. Well said Wrecker.

    Liabour riding on the back of the Conservative's reinstatement of national pride. (That's 'N.a.t.i.o.n.a.l. P.r.i.d.e., not 'F.a.s.c.i.s.m.' for those on RR whose comments on other threads indicate they clearly don't know the difference).
  9. Why would anyone want their street renamed after some chavvy, non-achieving, poorly educated, punchy **** who just happened to be unlucky enough to get his chit punched on foreign soil in a bullshit war? Perhaps if their dying words were the sudden disclosure of the cure for AIDS I'd be in agreement.

    Not that all members of the Armed Forces are chavvy, non-achieving, poorly educated, punchy *****. Merely about 87.5%.

    **** off Labour.

    Edited because I'm a chavvy, non-achieving, poorly educated punchy **** and made a grammatical error.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2013
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  10. Nearly choked on my crispy butterfly king prawn with sweet and sour dip then. Tip-top.
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  11. Jabron Hashmi Street? Nah totally agree with Montey, who would want that for a name, some thick chavy bastard who got pegged in the ghan.
    Or even Beharry road,...behave that sounds worse, kinda foreign.
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  12. How will it be decided?

    90% Ex Crab Hero's (Wing Cdr Marroitt, Gp Capt Holiday-Inn RAF Rtd)
    8% Ex Pongo
    2% RN/RM
  13. I remember as a kid in the 50's growing up in South Yorkshire a lot of streets were named after Labour politicians.....
    Kier Hardy Crescent..... Herbert Morrison Road......Atlee Avenue.......Bevan Street. Can't imagine them doing that now ...
    Mandelson Mews............Prescott Place............Blunkett Avenue........Blair/Brown Boulevard.............Nah !
  14. Must have been a blind alley!
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  15. Yeah.........and Prescott Place was a dead end !
  16. Our streets have been named after the rich, the famous, the achievers, the titled, and none of the above, why not some person who died or risked their life in the service of their country, you will get some gobshite questioning the merit of the award, but thats what happens when you dish out prizes, its never a case of well done with some people, its criticism and scorn
  17. I think naming streets after people killed in Afghan wouldn't go down too well in areas of Luton, Bradford and Brum, unless of course they were Taliban.
  18. Because its ****. Getting killed achieving **** all isn't a reason to name a street after you.

    Service of your country? Not really.
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  19. So "Recruit Your Relief" wouldn't work for you then?

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