Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by onlinebacon, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. I know when you go through grading you either get streamed to FJ or rotary, but say for example you get streamed to rotary, do you get to decide what sqn you join (assuming the ones you want have free spaces)? Or does it get assigned to you?

  2. By all accounts, you get to state a preference but the needs of the service come first. So if you want to fly ASAC SKs but they need Lynx pilots then you'll be flying a Lynx. Oh, and you get streamed at the end of EFT, not grading. Grading determines whether you ARE actually good enough to learn to fly or not.
  3. Ah cool, got a bit mixed up there :)

    So if there's a demand, you'll go there, sounds fair enough, thanks for the help mate.
  4. No worries! Apparently it's junglies that need the pilots at the moment, but by the time you're in then who knows?
  5. Very true, I'm really interested in the junglies atm, flying AH7 Lynx's, and doing the AACC looks like a right laugh :D
  6. Good luck flying green lynx, they're all RM pilots and there's a large number of RN pilots who are in the queue in front of you! Apparently one or 2 get to do it a year, if they're lucky. AACC a right laugh?! You need your head examining! ;)
  7. End of EFT - one/two will go FW, the rest RW. End of Shawbury, and you'll get assigned Lynx, Jungly, Merlin and ASAC.
  8. Haha probably but I'm sure if I try my best I'll get it sorted ;)

    With the introduction of the F35 will more pilots get selected for FJ as it starts to come into service? Because surely there aren't enough pilots as it is with just 800 and 801 sqn flying FJ?
  9. That's a good question. Out of curiosity how long are you looking at before applying? The way things are going the harriers will probably be gone before the F-35s get here, but we'll see. I'm sure one of the others here knows more about that than I do I'm afraid!
  10. Not long, had my officer brief last Wednesday. I have to fill my application forms in, send them off and off I go :D

    Not 100% sure whether I'm going for Uni sponsorship or not yet... either way I'd be happy. I'm really excited about it :)

    Are you in or applying?
  11. Almost no uni bursaries for aircrew - no shortage of applicants :(
  12. Ah that's not good :O

    At the minute things are a bit strange, I *want* to be out in the field but I also want to fly... and it's kind of hard to choose exactly what I want to do.

    That's why I thought the commando helicopter force would be a good idea, because you get the best of both worlds then :)

    Are you going through selection atm or are you in airborne_artist?
  13. If you are male, I would suggest going for RM officer, if you have the aptitude and ability to be aircrew you can become a RM pilot after a few years, and you get the best of both worlds. Green and airy fairy.
  14. I was thinking about it, to be fair I think a bit of this is me just making sure I'm making the right decision, I'll just let it settle in my head for a week or so and make sure I'm sorted :D. If not then I'll have a look into RM :)

    Thanks :D
  15. I'm waiting to start in April, having already been offered a place. I was on an acquaint visit to RNAS Yeovilton (also known as HMS Heron) recently (definitely go on acquaint visits, especially if you are unsure as they give you a much clearer idea of what goes on) and the advice down there was if you want to be a pilot first and foremost then join the RN as a pilot, as it's harder to sub-specialise as a pilot from the RM. The impression I had from CHF is that you do spend time living in the field, generally whilst on exercise in Norway, but it's not exactly the same as being in the RM. Although you do have the opportunity to do the AACC.
  16. I passed FATs in Jan 1978, AIB in Feb 1978, and joined in April 1978!

    My daughter is now hoping to follow me (and her Grand-Dad) to BRNC. She's nearly 18, and hopes to join an URNU, and then join the RN on graduation.

    If you can get into the RN FAA direct as a pilot, then do so. Entry into the RM is very tough, the pass rate is not that high, and very few RM officers get aircrew slots. I'm not saying RN AIB, FATs, BRNC is easy, but RM officer selection/completion is hard, very hard.

    I'm not sure many 18/19 year olds would make it as it now stands, to be honest - it probably needs a graduate level of maturity to get through, and you also need to have the type of physique/attitude/aptitude that the RM are looking for.

    After I left the RN I passed selection for 21 SAS - so I have an idea of the type the RM want.
  17. Advise your daughter not to go to Edinburgh then, they don't have an URNU! And best of luck to her, is she looking to go FAA as well?
  18. Yep - she had an FAAOA gliding scholarship last year - has offers from Bristol, Swansea, Liverpool and Newcastle - spot the connection? :)
  19. Good choice! I'd say Bristol or Newcastle myself, but I fear we may have gone slightly off-topic.....
  20. Haha :) I think I'm off to Liverpool :D it seems properly nice :)

    I think I'm going to stick with the dark blue :) I'm sure there'll be a lot to do :D

    Hopefully with the JSF coming there'll be a bit more of a chance to fly FJ, if not it's not a massive deal.

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