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Further to Ninja's post on the PRMC forum..

As most of us are already aware there has been plenty of speculation in the press with regard the implications of cost-cutting measures within the broader defence sphere.

From a recruiting perspective there have been no official announcements other than a potential increase in waiting time to join RN trades due to an overall increase in applicants and a reduced predicted intake during this financial year.

To date, RM recruiting continues unabated and RM applicants are afforded priority over those with considerable waits to join.

Thinking ahead, those currently prevaricating whether or not to apply are advised to make their decision sooner rather than later, to avoid potential disappointment, should recruiting targets be reviewed. Likewise those wishing to join as Officers & considering a "gap year" prior to joining, may like to take stock before the SDSR findings are published toward the end of this year.

Similarly those who are already in the recruiting system, but taking an inordinate amount of time to reach PRMC fitness are advised to "extract their digits" rather than risk disappointment if things change.

Again it's stressed there are no known reductions afoot however the advice is to think ahead.
Although there are no cuts in manning or otherwise within the Royal Marines afoot as stated above, does anyone envisage any cuts particularly with regards to manning requirements and how do you think they will affect the RM?

As someone who is going through the selection process at the minute, I am pretty anxious regardless and I'm interested to hear the views of serving/ex-serving personnel!
Avoid getting too anxious about "The Corps getting axed" or even worse "Royal Marines and Parachute Regiment to combine." :D buzzes!
They crop up everytime the terms 'Defence' and 'review' are uttered by the Whitehall Mandarins, mainly started by the Defence Correspondant of the Daily Wail or Sun because they've been fed the rumour so that when the axe doesn't fall everyone breathes a sigh of relief and forgets what has actually been chopped. See backdated copies of the same 'august' journals after the Boer War and up to and including prior to the Falklands War for evidence.
As NS stated if you're in the pipeline you should be sweet(ish), so chilax and concentrate on your phys! :wink:
Thanks for the reply.

Yep I'm now in the pipeline, have my recruiting test on the 10th September.

I suspected that these might be rumours that come round every now and then.. Like you say, I'll continue to focus on my application and getting my phys sorted.. 8)

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