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Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2010

Look out for the House of Commons debate on SDSR planned for sometime after 1430 on Monday 21 June (link). It will be interesting to see whether more than the usual dozen or so MPs (of the 650 in total) regard the nation's security as a subject worthy of their attendance.


Lantern Swinger
What do yo think will b the most likely outcome of the SDSR??

I wouldnt be suprised if one of the aircraft carriers will be flogged off to some other country....


Lantern Swinger
guys, what has been the outcome of the SDSR 2010, i have managed to watch a little bit and im watching it now. so do you guys know where most of the cuts will be taken from??


War Hero
Listened to the Debate, and all the" i give way" :wink: :wink: Fox sounded good about having Trident, but did not respond that well to the MP when asked about the continuing contracts for the two carriers imho
The Hansard transcript of the debate is now available here:

Strategic Defence And Security Review

Attendance was better than usual. Around 30 of the 650 MPs were sufficiently concerned about the security of our nation to make an appearance. Overall, there were some extremely sensible speeches but I almost despair when I hear some MPs continue to regurgitate such simplistic, bigoted and inaccurate twaddle as this:

Hansard 21 June 2010 said:
5.59 pm

Robert Flello (Lab) Stoke-on-Trent South:
Does my hon. Friend agree that something that we should look at very carefully is the number of top brass? Indeed, the suggestion has been made that there are more admirals than there are vessels in the surface fleet.

David Crausby (Lab) Bolton North East: It is important that we use our helicopters for what we need to use them, and not use them to ferry our top brass to other functions...


Book Reviewer
I taped the lot and fast forwarded through, why on a defence debate they have to give descriptions of their constituances and talk about such things as Blackpool football club is beyond me. One or two good speakers and one or two very attractive ones, a bit of a waste of time in my opion as Defence Sec. is not going to be in a position to make specific comments about actions to be taken until after the review.
There were a few gems, such as the fact that the Review will be coordinated by VCDS (an Army General) and report to the National Security Council which has only one uniformed member (CDS - an ACM being relieved early, probably by another Army General), and I daresay the newly esconced Lord Dannatt (yet another Army General) will have a role as the adviser to the Conservative Party on defence. Does anyone else detect a trend here?

I just hope 1SL/CNS has all his ducks in a row. Otherwise, the RN is going to be stuffed in order to satisfy short-term land-based priorities without a view to potential future emergencies. In an increasingly unstable world where host nation support cannot be guaranteed, a floating airfield and amphibious capability (with all the force protection and strike capability that implies) would be our only means of providing an effective deterrent and meeting force with force where and when necessary, as well as continuing to be "...a security for such as pass on the seas upon their lawful occasions."


Lantern Swinger
Has anyone heard how the SDR is "progressing" ?

The reason I ask is that with the normal razzamatazz surrounding the Farborough Air Show the F-35 is again being touted as the wonderjet !, Yet it seems still early in its development - is it going to deliver on its promises ?


War Hero
I also heard from equally reliable and informed sources as a bored Sky reporting team that the RM Band service is to be "dis-banded" and replaced by the 43rd Hampshire Scout Troop Tinkly Band and Choral Society

Strong suggestion is to wait until the SDSR is published by those who are going to actually make the decisions rather than keep biting every time someone comes with the "idea of the week"
If you disband a band are you left with a dis?

So, presumably, matelots and bootnecks would have to learn and practice music in there own time? I can't see Aunty Betty hiring in a works band for her State Visits; unless we are to spend a fortune flying the bearskin botherers all over the world.
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