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Strangest Things witnessed seen at sea


War Hero
In 1992 a cargo ship lost some plastic yellow toy ducks at sea.

Twenty nine thousand of them.

Apparently there's still many thousands of them bobbing
about, occasionally washing up on distant shores around
the globe. Never actually seen the huge raft of yellow duckies
myself but it would've been interesting to have surfaced a
submarine slap bang in the middle of them.

(One that got away from the herd)



War Hero
Kite flying competition off Mekong Delta , crew made box kites of all sizes and the normal diamond shape. Mermaid was at anchor at the time so no breeze , skipper tutted and got us under way , most kites flying then dying .
The Bish took his up to 02 deck tying kite string to guard rail and launched.......
kite was still flying when we got back on station , God's work he claimed , bollocks said the stokers as his kite was kept up by the exhaust from fwrd funnel.


War Hero
A Portuguese Man o'War drifting into the midst of a 'hands to bathe' in the Sargasso Sea.

It was like watching a video in hyper fast rewind ;)


War Hero
On HMS Brighton came up from boiler room after Middle watch somewhere in the north sea to see the upper deck and every guardrail covered in birds, thousands of them, crap all over, if space on the rail became vacant a bird would land on it, observed lots of them just falling into the sea. Bread locker empty, next morning fog lifted all gone crap every where.


War Hero
On HMS Brighton came up from boiler room after Middle watch somewhere in the north sea to see the upper deck and every guardrail covered in birds, thousands of them, crap all over, if space on the rail became vacant a bird would land on it, observed lots of them just falling into the sea. Bread locker empty, next morning fog lifted all gone crap every where.
Borrow some bino's and scan the sky , nothing anywhere , someone ditches gash and shitehawks appear from nowhere ......must have a scout up there and soon as Jack ditches gash he/she bangs the dinner gong.


War Hero
I always thought the legendary "green flash" was something akin to the golden rivet. Whenever I had the chance to watch the sun set over the sea, I looked for the elusive colour but never saw it.
Then one earlyish morning on a ferry to Pompey from the Island I glanced at the horizon and saw a definite bright green light. I thought at first it was a deck working light of some sort on a ship near the Nab tower; then it changed to gold and I had to blink as the sun heaved up.
So not a golden rivet!


War Hero
I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Slim sitting his AIB, Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, Norman promoted to Lieutenant Commander; I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate... All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain. Time for Standeasy...


War Hero
Ah PT you really know how to kick a man when he is down. That AIB was a bastard, they expected me to know about ships & boats and all things nautical, I stunned them with my knowledge of clicky beds and the speed at which I disappeared when the words "Early Chop" were whispered in the next office. No a commission was never going to be offered to this wafu , I think part of it was when I threw up at the insinuation that I may have to go to sea. Personally I believe that I would have made a great land based Sub Lt in charge of Clicky beds and runs ashore on any shore establishment;)


War Hero
Slim, you forgot Flying meals and in flight nutty early chop for night flying, and then night flying cancelled.


War Hero
Summer fate at sea, for charity, firing 12bore shot gun of arsse end, someone had a shot gun in the armoury and was told it would be simpler not to have any cartridges to land in UK, targets plastic bottles on string.
Cricket at sea on flight deck; ball on a bit of string
Sods Opera
Hands to bathe of Isle of Rosay sun may have been shinning but water was still kin cold, I was first in water, others waited and ask what’s it like, I was a bit vague with the truth?
Northern Lights through a periscope
Space craft launch through a Periscope of Ft Lauderdale
First crossing the line ceremony
Blue line North and South
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