Strange Shagging Music

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Praetorian, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Ok, heres my nomination.

    I was shagging a 37 year old woman, while I was but the tender age of 19, and I suddenly noticed that this was playing on MTV as I sunk my pork sword conkers deep into her snatch, which had been suitable loosened by childbirth. She did however know what she was doing......

    Anyway, I just came typing that, so reminiscing over.

    You try keeping your stroke whilst this is blaring in your face.

    I nearly needed fucking therapy after
  2. You a pongo Praetorian???

  3. He is a Pongo!
  4. Thought so, probably gets a wee groin twinge every time he hears British Grenadiers blasted out by the massed bands of the Household Dvision.

    Pol :lol: :lol:
  5. Got my first bit of tit to "Sugar , Sugar" by the Archies up in Throckley [Newcastle] , cant remember her name now , nearly 40 years ago , memories , :lol:
  6. Nothing to do with music, but went home with a horror-bag in Southsea
    once and I will n-e-v-e-r forget the movie that was on the telly in
    the front room as I was about to bury me beef......
    Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon". Poetic or wot?
  7. Aways play music loud, muffles the screaming from the girl I am with when your buggering the arse of her.
  8. How about the theme tune from Benny Hill? Now that would be brilliant!

    As for me, the tune doesn't need to be that long - a 30 second sample will usually do it!

    A bloke I once shared a house with used to shag his girlfriend to "Clouds Across The Moon" - every time the song ended, he would stop the business, get up and put the song back on again. :???: The rest of us used to sit up and listen to the music and bet on how many times he would play the song.

    I suppose it made the experience last though.
  9. nothing like back-scuttling some slapper to the tune of "yes sir, I can boogie"
  10. Nothing like a bit of 'Discharge' or 'Dead Kennedys' to serenade you to give you that authentic hardcore punk 20th century council experience.

    Bit difficult to keep in time with the music though..... :???:

  11. Kinell "Caretaker" , tried it once and ended up with a split foreskin , not enough KY Jelly , Muriel from Newcastle again , :wink:
  12. Posh tarts always want to shag to "classical" music (it's thier upbringing I guess). If she's crap then you can always go to sleep to the music!!
    (Can always tell the posh ones...they say they are "arriving" instead of "coming"!!)
    I like shagging to music like "bat out of hell"...but then again it's because I usually end up with a "bat"..! :roll: :roll: :grin:
  13. I used to go out with a stripper so any dance music would get her going
  14. "Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter" by Iron Maiden or a bit of Napalm Death- handy for "fingers and tops" :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Used to be engaged to a bird who liked to light loads of candles and shag to that Enigma CD with all the monks chanting.
    Also went out with a bird in GUZZ who liked to listen to the love songs on Plymouth sound in the evening, so we would be shagging to the commodores or chicago etc. then all of a sudden you would get an advert from fcuking Larry Spears or a jam rag advert. Talk about ruining the moment.

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