Strange RT Exam....Help!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BSBRN82, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. I had my RT exam today and unfortunately failed and I was told the reason I failed was because I didnt make the required mark in my Reasoning section yet I did well in the rest of the test, I was hoping to join as an ET (ME) and there is no minimum score for Reasoning yet this is my supposed reason for failure so some advice and help would be greatly appreciated. And sarky comments are not taken with any appreciation)

    many thanks
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  2. Bone up on your reasoning skills (not evident with that post) before you take the re-sit....simples
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    It appears that you failed the test by gaining insuffient marks in one section, so why do you say supposed reason?

    Advice is get your head down and study, there are loads of posts in the Newbie thread to help, read it right through and when the time comes (providing you are able to) re take the test. Speak to your AFCO staff and ask their advice
  4. Well I had been studying for a long time anyway and I had scored really well throughout the rest of the test this is what I do not understand, surely I would have qualified for a position I cant believe that my reasoning was that bad that I didn't manage to qualify for anything even though the rest of my test was really good??
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  5. Did you ask them what other branches were available? Did you just not get enough to be an ET(ME) or for all branches??
  6. I dont know, he said to me that my Reasoning wasn't up to their standard, and he never even said about any onther branches that could be available to me yet surely if I did well in all the other sections I would have qualified for at least one option, I mean I cannot see me scoring 0 in my Reasoning after revising for around 2 months.
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  7. I suggest you go back and ask what else is available and the way ahead.
  8. What do you mean there's no minimum requirement for Reasoning? Quite clearly there is if you didn't hit it...
  9. You could have done. Perhaps you're really, really thick.
  10. Yeah not really an option unfortunately, I would explain in more detail but im not going to black mark myself, there are certain things I will not mention in the forum as I dont know who is reading it.

  11. I take it back, you're not thick after all.
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  12. trust me there isn't haha I have hell of alot of family in the armed forces so yeah there isn't. Otherwise I wouldn't have said it.
  13. Sounds like your trying to blame the AFCO staff.
  14. Haha no not really, quite fortunate education wise, hence my reasons for this thread. :)
  15. So you cannot understand what the AFCO folks told you after you had failed this test. Your comprehension problem (probably due to the shock of receiving that failure news) cannot really be resolved by trying to argue out the point on an unofficial website.

    I respectfully suggest that you eat humble pie & get yourself back into that Recruiting Office, with a large packet of Chocolate Hob-Nobs, front up with the best attitude you can muster and ask the Staff nicely to explain the situation to you all over again.

    Do not leave until you have a clear understanding of all of your options for re-sit/other branches, etc. etc.

    It sounds as if you may be in for uphill struggle so be prepared for that - and a long wait, too.

  16. Did I say that no, I may have implied that but I am not blamming anyone at the moment!, if you want to know why im so curious about this then I will PM you the details.

  17. no answer to this on the public wall i have my reasons for not contacting them any further at this point in time.
  18. Hold on for now with any PMs - Could be dangerous.

    The advice offered (THRICE here now) is to get back into that Careers Office for a clearer way ahead.
  19. I never said you said that but the implication is there. I don't need to know any details but as has been said, you need to get back to the AFCO. They're the only ones who can help.

    Edited to add what exactly were you expecting or wanting from this thread, nothing will change your circumstances by posting on here.
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  20. So just Hold On and Button up for now. There is obviously more to your situation than a mere RT test failure................

    Sleep on it and tomorrow it may become clearer to you.
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