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Discussion in 'History' started by bigwhiteshark, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Rig of the day for mast manning at Vincent or the other place!
  2. I remember being the victim of a bite on my first ship in AMP in Gib, being told that during the transition from winter to summer ring we went into half past sixes, i.e. blue top white bottoms, and yep I fell for it.
  3. Certainly very popular rig, not necessarily by the troops, between the Wars in Overseas stations and can be seen in many pictures of this period.
  4. You're right Nutty, That picture was taken I believe in the 1920's. I only found out the name of the ship when I blew the orignal photo up. [good b&w protography in those days.]
  5. :thumright: A quick flick thru some books I have, reveal a Submarine Cox'n China Station, Six YO's on a BB, Ships Company, HMS Manchester leaving harbour and most telling of all a Gurad of Honour for a German Admiral in HM Dockyard Portsmouth all in this rig as is the RN Flag Lt. the only RN officer in the picture.

    All pictures from the 30's except the YO's, which was circa 1890 The rig was most certainly worn in the UK.

  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Known at one time as Mountbatten Yachting Rig. Med? Between the wars? Think so but don't know for certain.
  7. As the mast in the St.V place was only 14.5ft high, surely the bellbottoms were wider than the total height of the "mast"? :twisted:

    Seriously though ;) ask Higgy, he was defending this country before some of us were born. Good old Hig! :w00t:

  8. I know it was the rig for Mast Manning at HMS GANGES. However, I cannot recall seeing it elsewhere other than in a couple of films where the German Navy wore this rig on foreign stations.

    Regards, Chris
    Ex CY

  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Recently came across a framed photo of HMS Warspite - usual everybody shot, people ranged up and over the forecastle, turrets and bridge. Maltese background and photographer. Ratings all in blue No1s with medals, Officers in this half-and half rig including white shoes, negative medals.
  10. Flag hoist

    Photographs clearly show the rig was worn on both home and foreign stations up to WW11 pictures exist from China to Pompey. I have not seen any picture dated after 1939 except for mast manning. At Ganges it must have been a one off as we were not issued tropical kit until we had left the place and received a draft that would take you to the tropics. This was circa 1961.

  11. sounds like the officers are in Cowes rig- which was described as being to provide "variety" at cocktail parties and is still just about allowed- I wore it in 2003 (ish).

    White shoes/socks/trousers, white wing collar shirt, normal tie, blue 1s jacket, cap. Have to say, you feel pretty silly to start with, but it was a hit with the ladies....
  13. HH

    Your quote states that the rig was discontinued in UK in 1856. Most telling of all a Guard of Honour for a German Admiral in HM Dockyard Portsmouth in 1934 all in this rig as is the RN Flag Lt. the only RN officer in the picture. Included in the guard are at least one 3 badgeman and a 3 badge killick so hardly from a training establisment.


    PS pic to be found in "The Royal Navy in Focus 1930 to 1939" Maritime Books ISBN 0 907771 04 1

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