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Strange Drinks


Lantern Swinger
I served at H.M.S. Warrior on the RM detachment in the late 80's and had a few good mates who were matelots. One of them was a scouser who once bought me a drink called the 39 steps.

When he bought me it, I looked at it, through the pint glass. It was a bluey green colour. Then I drank it in one and said. Thanks for quenching my thirst. My friend smiled and shook his head. He said you don't drink one of those like that, but I just laughed.

Anyway, the next day I woke up on the floor in the doorway to our accommodation block. I was absolutely wrecked with the drink. So yes he was right.

So, please can anybody tell me if they've heard of this drink and if they know what its made up of.


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