Strait of Hormuz & Iran


I see Jeremy Hunt has stated if he becomes PM their will money to buy new ships for the navy given the current Iran situation in the Gulf! That's the stuff Jeremy, just pop down to B & Q and pick up a couple or six......
Meanwhile, in some commonwealth-for-convenience country, gathering barnacles in a deteriorating dockyard, a forlorn frigate wonders whether if, by hoisting a different bit of bunting up its jack-staff, it might get more exercise….

Talk of more ships might please industry, and all the girls love a sailor - except that the sailors are a lot scarcer than politicians promises.


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Now troops, I will be upfront, I know very little relative to the workings of the RN these days, but in the wake of the recent HMS Montrose involvement (good drills guys), the MOD said consideration being given sending more ships to the Region. Fine, but I was under the impression that the RN these days is pretty well stretched as it is, if not over stretched, what with canoes in refit etc, and an aging more boxes to open at the mo?
I'm sure I will be enlightened?
#Just SendDuncan

It's a real thing, just look at their Twitter feed.
If the balloon does go up,and they cobble together a few of the old buckets of rivets.We could all be called before the mast again.To stiffen the resolve of the youngsters... Not to mention our arteries...;)


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Wot work for a living, I've been working on not doing any for year's
they would need stair lifts and Zimmer frame stowages?

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