straight from Recruit training to Officer Training

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by philpott, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Just enquiring, a friend of mine through the marine cadets is a Colour Sergeant in the corps, only recently he has come back from CTCRM were he has been training recruits.

    He says that you can get selected for Officer training once you have already started recruit commando training if they think you have the right aptidude. Has anyone heard of anyone that this has happened to?

    Also, if this can happen, do you need to have the same entry requirements as a Direct entry officer? or can you get selected if you have lower qualifications. I say this because I have a grade D at GCSE maths, and C's and above in everything else, I am also doing my A-levels, I have alredi applied for Officer training, but I am worryed that that stupid D will stop me.

    Any comments welcome?
  2. Re: Recruit training to Officer Training

    Try your AFCO for accurate info.

    Doubt your friend has been training RM recurits. He has probably been training marine cadets, so proceed with caution on what you have been told.

    One of the RRs who know about these things will be along in a minute.
  3. Re: Recruit training to Officer Training

    Hi mate, just to say I am a RM cadet myself and my "friend" is the Staff Royal Marines Officer, he is still serving in the Royal Marines Commando as a Colour Sergeant, green lid etc, etc lol sorry for the confusion.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For a Corps Commission (ie After you join) you need a minimum of 5 GCSE's A*-C, but not the UCAS points at A2 Level.

    If you're doing A Level Maths then it's possible that will overide your D at GCSE maths, otherwise you need C or better no matter what, if you want to be an Officer.
  5. SRMO will be delighted that you are his "friend".

    Ash is always delighted to make a good impression as as role model.

    When you say you are an RM Cadet, do you mean you are a cadet in the Marine Cadets?
  6. yeah i think the SRMO would consider most the cadets his friends, lol.

    and yeah the marine cadets, people have got into a habit of calling us RM cadets, even Lieutenant General Sir Robert Fulton RM as he called us this at our camp.
  7. Bob Fulton and I are "old ships". Strange that he has never mentioned you.

    You are not SB in the Marine Cadets by any chance? That would explain why he doesnt know you.
  8. Good name dropping.
  9. He'll go far. I met Jimmy Saville and Dave Lee Travis once, sorry that's the best I could do, I'll get me coat.
  10. Jim Fixed it for you to do the dance of the flamers with the Hairy Cornflake? I'm impressed mate. :thumright:
  11. Ok, here we go.

    Prince Charles
    Princess Margaret
    Lord Mountbatten

    The Two Ronnies
    Les Dawson
    Danny La Rue
    Gordon Jackson
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    101st Airborne
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    Your turn.
  12. Oh, forgot to mention:

    VA Sir Gilbert Stephenson
    RA (Sir) Nicolas Hunt
    VA Sir Jonathon Tod
    VA Sir Tony Tippet

    And I had breakfast with Leslie Crowther in Blackpool once.
  13. Thought Id just share with you all the PM from philpot, so you can see what CTC has to look forward to.

    you are realy quite irritating,

    I am not on here to be snarled at or to snarl at anyone else, Im not entirely sure what your problem is, but you pettyness is starting to piss me off.

    what I was trying to explain to people is that I have heard from the SRMO who used to train recruits at CTCRM, that it is possible if you have the right aptitude to be selected to move onto officer training. I dont see how you managed to turn that around, beyond me.

    If you have any other crude remarks to throw at me, now is your chance, but otherwise, keep your comments to yourself.

    Mummy, that big boy shouted at me.
  14. And there was me thinking you were being quite helpful then captain. :thumright:
  15. Thanks RD

    Perhaps you could be my "Accused's friend"

    As I see it, I am accused of :


    Having problem

    Being petty

    Pissing off a fellow RR

    Not sticking to the facts

    Making crude remarks

    Being beyond him

    Please prepare my defence.

    Or should we wait for SPB to pop up and frame the charges correctly
  16. Send that man down guilty as charged :thumright:
  17. Wheel in the next guilty b*st*rd.

    Ten days 9s!!

    Can I go double or quits on thumping the Joss?

    Thought Id ask.
  18. fill yer boots capt
  19. you sad bunch of people
  20. That maybe true my friend but.....

    A. I already posess the right to wear a green lid and you do not.
    B. I have a sense of humour which judging by your comments you sadly lack and wont get you very far in the R.M.

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