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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by oxblue, Jan 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello,
    I graduated a number of years ago from New College, Oxford and shall soon receive my doctorates from Imperial. I thought I would follow academia, however I have become somewhat disillusioned with the lifestyle, prospects, pandering and spending the majority of my day in obscure texts is less satisfying than it once was. I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma being the ripe age of 28, which I was led to believe was young but contact with the armed forces has convinced me otherwise. I would like to be a Warfare Officer, and would not for moment consider giving up academia for logistics Having started an application to be a Warfare Specialist, I have only the fitness to pass, which should be a formality. I have read and been told that those with sufficient attitude and aptitude one can be commissioned, now for a young lad of 16 joining as a rating and proving himself over a number of year I have no doubts that this is correct, but would an old Oxford blue be given the same chance? I have no doubts over my ability to lead and have rowed at junior level for England and for both my Universities and looking at the Navy times, could contribute greatly to the rowing team.
    As a rating I would be under illusions of my role and duties and would as I believe in everything in my adult life, I would approach with a desire to perform as well as was within my ability, but what are my realistic hopes of gaining a commission and within what time frame, straight answers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. Providing you pass the AIB etc just as good as any other applicant.
  3. I understand this of course, however since passing the Officer age limit my only option is to become a Rating, is it a easy/simple process to attend the AIB from the ranks?
  4. Good luck, you do sound overqualified, but hey ho disenchantment with what you're doing at the moment can certainly focus you're mind at what you want from life. If you apply yourself into being a Naval Officer as you have applied yourself in academia you should be a success.
    One word of advice, you're going to apply to be a future leader of men, how is your personal skills? Always go by the adage, treat your subordinates, as you yourself would like to be treated.
    So good luck with the AIB.
  5. All the blue badge wrens out there will remember that at one time it was not possible to have a commission in the wrens without having spent time on the lower deck. For some it was as little as a few months, for others months. I genuinely believe it made them better officers because they'd been there and done it. Perhaps this distinction is less apparent now as we are not so class ridden but the principle still works fine in my eyes.
  6. Ah I missed the 28yrs bit.
    Yes you can go officer as a rating at any stage of your career. Ive known 40yr old chiefs to successfully become warfare officers, but here is hoping you dont wait that long.
    Although you will tread water for a few years as your application is processed, but hey ho you might actually enjoy it. Here is an ideal way in.
  7. What is the Officer age limit in the other srvices??? dont waste all that education,to start as Jack. Nothing wrong with starting as Jack, i did at 15, but you must set your sights higher :wink: :wink:
  8. Thank you for the Quick replies. I have no problem going in as a jack, and I don't believe that my Education is wasted, since I have made a contribution to my field and enjoyed much of it immensely.
  9. I believe that if you do go in as a rating you will have a fairly rapid progresss to occifer
  10. As far as im aware it is a fairly straight forward process, have you spoken to the AFCO?. My only concern is that you will find the basic training and life as a rating frustrating. If you can fight through this, then you should have no problem.

    Good luck!
  11. For RM Senior Corps Commission I believe you must be at least a SNCO and then undertake the specific SCC course.

    If the aspirations are for Warfare Officer then as he is over 26 I believe his only route is via the SUY scheme. Again, this has a requirement to be at least a PO.

    Promotion in the Warfare Branch at the moment, I'd make an educated guess that the earliest you could achieve PO would be after 5 years
  12. A Dr in the lower decks, that should set the cat amongst the wardroom pigeons. I would imagine that should you decide to join as a rating (presumably if you go in with the right attitude) it wouldn't be long before you were seen as hoccifer material and they found a way to fast track you through the necessary stages to get you to dratmouth.
  13. We had a great XO on board the Anglesey. He was a 2 ringer at the time. He was a former chief taz-ape previously. I've recently found out he's since made it to a 3 ringer. He was a spot on bloke.

    As someone else already said. There is a good chance your papers may get raised quiet soon. We had an baby OM on my first ship. He was only on board long enough to finish his task book and then he was off and last I saw in a dingy nightclub in Penzance he was a two ringer.
  14. looks like you are on a highly serious education level like me, which totally rises above the rest on this forum..... best bet my friend is to go AFCO and ask them your queries and just be honest!! GOD.....its sooooo good to have somebody at last who is same level of education as me on these forums :D
  15. You have to be really sure about this.

    Speaking as someone who has been down the academic route also and found myself in a very similar position to you on the face of what you've written, had circumstances been different I would have had no qualms about joining up as a JR.

    Yet speaking with total frankness whilst I have immense admiration for ABs and ratings of all levels, if you join up close to 30 with a PhD you are going to find yourself junior to people who will often be the better part of a decade younger than you, and your academic experience, while it won't exactly 'count for nothing', won't cut much ice in a JR's messdeck. It might also make some of the officers uncomfortable, or the the senior ratings for that matter - again though, having said that my experience of matelots is that they are pretty accommodating people and could deal with it.

    If you really, absolutely, must be a warfare officer in the RN or you'll regret it for the rest of your life, then go for it. But it will be hard and it's not nailed on it will happen. Although officer would be your long-term goal, your first aim would have to be a good Warfare Specialist for its own purpose, not as a vehicle to something else. You can't view yourself as an officer in 'embryo'; you will be a rating and your mates will be ratings and you will have to be a 'proper matelot'. I'm glad to hear from others that apps for commission can be fast-tracked, but from what I've heard this can be hit and miss in terms of speed. Having said that the Navy has a great record on this vis-a-vis the other services - when on a 42 recently about a third of the wardroom had started off as JRs.

    Logistics Officer on the other hand, you're still eligible for, if the sea-borne adventure is what you're after in itself, but it seems like you've given this a bit of thought and that's not for you. Fair enough.

    But a key point is if you move out of academia for a while your chances of getting back into the career you have trained for are going to be tricky, as you know yourself. It'd be awful if you passed out of Raleigh, did a year or so and didn't like it, then tried to get back in. If you were a scientist then it's not such an issue but from the 'obscure texts' I'm guessing you're a historian, or at least a humanities scholar (history of science, maybe given you are at IC?), and given that I am same it is very awkward trying to explain CV breaks when trying to go back, e.g. I spent a couple of years trying to crack it as a Warfare Specialist in the Navy etc.

    Just my tuppence worth mate. Drop me a PM and let me know how you get on - I'll be rooting for you! :thumbleft:
  16. For someone who knows so much it's amazing how your posts show you know very little of which you speak about
  17. There's a shortage of Warfare Officers in the SM stream right with the right credentials I imagine that there would be every possibility of being selected for officer whilst in Phase two. One of my division recently was successful via this route and is currently approaching the end of his BRNC phase. However he is younger - but 'the needs of the service blah blah' is likely to apply if it is of benefit to the service...

  18. tommo; It's highly suprising that you do not know me, nor my knowledge, this is a forum and okay, banter is good fun but when It's serious this guy needs help rather than see posts so unhelpfull as yours... the AFCO is the right place to go, not here!
  19. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I am going to go through with it, I have several months before I need to make the final decision but I have been thinking about this for a while and am sure it is what I want.
  20. After reading your posts, and pointing out 4 errors in 2 sentences Matt, if you're educated to more than GCSE level I'll eat my cap, and have the beret for dessert.

    Good luck! Hope it works out :)

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