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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by FistFullOfNails, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. Easy now ladies and gents

    I'm off to basic in a few months..I'll be going straight from my flat to basic so I'll be taking everything I own with me. What's this about no cars at Raleigh? So obviously I can't store my sh't there.

    Is there storage facilities? Even if I sell all my electronic stuff and my car I still have a lot of clothes I'd like to keep. A £1000 suit for one.

    Same Q for phase 2 as well please

    Cheers big ears
  2. Stowage space is very limited in Raleigh. You cannot take your worldly possessions with you. Take what you need and what is in the kit list when you get it. Same for phase 2. If you've go so much stuff put it all in storage until you have the use for it again.
  3. HMG will be providing you with a rather nice suit, blue with some white piping, and a hat to match. Sadly, there will be no bag to match the shoes but you can't win everything.
  4. Ferkin hell £1000 for a suit,the last suit i bought cost me 40 dollars from sew sew in Honkey Fid,out of shear interest how much do you pay for a good pair of shoes ? my last pair of shoes cost me 20 euros here in Spain, :lol:
  5. Not from that flea market in Torre surely!
  6. :lol: Youve got me sussed havnt you, :lol:
  7. No but I have vision and insight :lol: and have you still got your wallet. Am off to Torre next week to see friends, the first time we have ventured far out of Catalunya into the deep and darkest south. We goa lot to the Basque country and Austurias but have never been tempted down towards GIB, on account of an embarassing incident :oops: Something to do with an ape but I won't go into that here :lol:
  8. 20 euros for ?shoes. Who you trying to kid. All ex POGI's wear. flip-flops with black gaitors attatched. And you probably liberated those from dubious sources! :lol:
  9. No, you are mistaken, those are only worn in Spain for Carnaval and St Johns night; and of course in various dubious clubs and bars, but lets not go into that!!
    ps I have been to Florida but never seen a black gaitor!
  10. Ha ha ha I got it tailor made by the Lanwin designer out in Malaysia so it only cost me £160 and is pretty damn fly ^_^

    If I'd gone to the Lanwin designer in London though it would've been £1000-£1200 :p
  11. Feck me, why the Navy will not allow young thrusters to bring all their worldly goods along to basic and Phase 2 is beyond me.
    After all it would only mean buying a couple of more acres land and building storage facilities and hiring staff and security to administer to the Nozzers rushing in every 5 minutes to get the right bit of kit for their Playstation.
    The savings made in the RN not having to compile and print lists of kit that YT's should take to Raleigh would surely cover this!! :roll:

    Also FFN if you paid 120 it's a 120 suit not a 1000 you big timer.
  12. There's a large storage facility behind the parade ground, it's called St Johns lake :wink:
  13. :lol: Youve been doing your homework my lad havnt you :D :lol: ,flip flops with gaitors,my god the thought of it makes me HORNY :oops:

  14. In saudi they wear muslim gaitors, there called "ALI" :oops: :oops: :D
  15. Ba Ba? :D
  16. Well when I were a lad in training I saw a lot of gaiters, green ones, and white ones for the class leader, but I never saw no gaitors! Not a lot of them about in Torpoint or Leydene.
  17. All Gunnery Instructors wore black gaiters, probably to match the colour of their souls. Most were direct entry recruits who were thrown out of the Waffen SS for cruelty. I believe that they produced far better standards of drill than the current RM Instructors, (Who do a fair job).
    The absolute authority about Gunnery Instructors on this site is Rumrat. Who I believe was one of their Trainers and Handlers at Excellent.
  18. My play on words was something to do with a crocodile and strange things men wear about their ankles.
    As for Gi's I remember one who had a massive ginger beard. He was feared by everyone at Raleigh; until he got close up then both he and you were on the point of wetting yourselves with the comedy of it.
    I am sure he must have had an Equity card.
  19. Hello everyone sorry to drag the topic slightly off course here but rather than make another post and spam the forums this post will do nicely.

    I have a very old family watch along with a few other things, now i know thievery normally brings the wraith of of the entire base and dorms get stripped down to find the thieving git but can i ask would it be smart to bring a small lock box to store a few personal items like mobile phone & watch etc.

    Now I'm not going to scream at the of my head "I'VE GOT A SWANK WATCH WHICH COSTS LOAD LOOK AT ME" but previous experience with the STABs (Territorial Army) told me its wise to keep a sharp eye on your personal items while on training/base. Will we be issued lockers with keys etc?

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