Stories of visiting aircraft with Armed Guards

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Lossiemouth 65 We used to have USN Douglas R66 Electronics Serveillance Aircraft. Stop on the way to and from the USSR Airspace.We were kept at arms length, with armed guards from the aircraft :thumright:
  2. Well we were visiting - Masirah island that is - (845 NAS '68/69 on Bulwark) we had to provide guards for the aircraft (Wessex HU5's) on the line - I remember being issued with a 303 and 3 rounds of live ammunition, - now remember no military training exept a weekend on Dartmoor or Salisbury Plane. "Jack" (me, can you believe it) with a rifle, on watch, middle of the night (3 ish) with live ammo - by then was inside one of the aircraft - it was so fu**ing cold - and heard a scraping like noise - turned out it was some bleeding ragheads donkey having a scratch on the tail of the aircarft, I was inside, nearly shot the bloody thing out of the bubble window - not to mention changing my nicks when I got back to the camp site.
  3. In about 93 I was detached with 360 Squadron (Joint RN/RAF Canberra Squadron) to a Dutch Airbase. When we got there a Dutch airman took us to one side and started to give us a brief on the dutch rifle (some wooden thing) and briefing us on guarding duties!!!
    First thing we knew, our boss went ape and finally accepted that we would guard unarmed. That put pay to a few nights on the p*ss, whislt we guarded with an armed dutch bloke high on dope.
  4. Ditto.

    The Cloggie Booties had live rounds we had pick axe handles!!
  5. Can't blame them, the reputation of Liverpudlians had obviously been spread. :thumright:
  6. I have never heard a scouser called that for yonks!! Sounds like the little people from Lilliput.

    How is the water level down in Kiwiland I believe you have been asked to save energy with the hydro water levels being low etc.

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