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My late father used to tell a story about a plane needing to land on the carrier HMS Khedive, during WW2, that had no hook to catch the arrester cables.
After much discussion about how to stop it, it was decided, 'Right. As soon as it touches down, we all rush out and jump on it. That should stop it.'

I've put together a small slideshow, available at that contains a photograph of the actual incident. No health and safety restrictions in them days, when'Ships were made of wood...etc.'


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Given that most old planes were biplanes and had very low stalling speed all you really had to do was steam full pelt into the wind and then drop the plane onto the deck as slow as it could.i do believe with enough wind a swordfish can actually fly backwards!


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There were some snags when I originally posted the slideshow. I forgot to actually upload the link. It's been tested on 3 different computers now and seems to function ok.


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Not to view the presentation you don't. And anyway you could show your support for the Ghurkas by registering your vote on the relevant UK question.


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The first photograph is an Auster Army co-op aircraft.

You sure they didn't have to rush out to top it blowing over the side? :D

More STOL than a Stringbag.

Painful to see those Seafires on their noses, and some of those 'Cats looked well and truly broken :(



The Spitfires.....aren't!

The links in Australia are all @rse about, with Tasmania bringing up Victorian councils, ACT giving Queensland, etc.

Interesting site, nonetheless :thumright:

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