Stop forces' pay cut, demand chiefs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Mar 17, 2012.

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  1. Not that I read or buy the Sun, I just happened across the article when trawling the web about next weeks budget.

    Writing an open letter in The Sun, the top brass say the Chancellor's one per cent cap on wage rises, effectively a cut with inflation taken into account, will shatter the already fragile morale of Our Boys and Girls.
    They say our war zone heroes are being treated shamefully — especially compared to Brits on benefits.

    Full Story Here

    I just love the way these ex top brass start gobbing- off once they are on pension, but in this case more power to their elbows.
  2. It's happening to everyone - not just the forces.
  3. Too right and all! the last thing the Forces need is a ******* pay cut.
  4. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    You're being silly Finks, Admirals no more than Able Seamen can mouth off in the Press without permission, nor indeed can any other employee criticise his employer in the media. What admirals and generals say in private to the Ministers is of course unknown to you (and me).

  5. As they are appointed by HMG and if they wish to keep the job I cannot imagine them giving the PM a roasting in defence of the rank and file, can you?

    Far too often have I seen them towing the party line on the TV or in the newspapers.
  6. The last thing anyone needs is a '******* pay cut'.
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  7. Sounds like 1931 all over again...When in financial crisis, just cut the military, we are paid to make-do with less and stay quiet...
  8. It's not a pay cut, it's just below inflation. We're doing rather well considering everyone else has been shafted.

    Make do with less? Show me somewhere else a kid who left school with no qualifications can walk into a 16k pa job with non contributable pension, travel allowances and free healthcare.
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  9. The same as I am now and I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

    By the way have you managed to fek up that ipad yet?
  10. Make do with less? Show me somewhere else a kid who left school with no qualifications can walk into a 16k pa job with non contributable pension, travel allowances and free healthcare.[/QUOTE]

    You're right to some extent looking at it from an overall career expectation of serving in the military that it is a good way to have a secure future...BUT, what about the guys that are going to be shown the door due to cutbacks? They might have had an expectation of the very career that you are speaking of, but now they are going to be without a pension, medical care, etc...I was lucky enough to enjoy those benefits, but our own government is also looking into modifying our retirement system, medical care, etc...At some point a military career in an all-volunteer force is going to no longer be attractive. Our military IS being asked to do more with less, it is what military service is all about and always will be. DUTY becomes the driving force, because I didn't join-up for the lavish pay!
    Socialism is a disease, and relying upon the government is pretty much alien to most Americans still...The moment you fall into that trap of letting the gov't take care of you...You are not a free man any longer...
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  11. Many who are being made redundant are getting their pension. Not only that, the redundancy package is exceptional compared alongside those offered in the public sector for example.

    People need to accept that we are on a good deal all things considered.
  12. I am going to defer to you, because I am an American and obviously ignorant of the way your systems works. However, I was approaching it from a principle point of view and no matter what side of the pond we live on. I don't think it is wise to make these cuts and finance it through social welfare. Just my opinion...It has been painful to see the way the Royal Navy has been cut over the years...My grandparents were from Ulster and emigrated here to the US in 1916, and my Grandmother had a picture of the Queen in her living room...My aunt was a WREN during WWII, and ALL three of her brothers were killed in WWII (1 was RN and the other two were Army). Most Americans are ignorant of and have no appreciation for the fact that Great Britain bankrupted itself in the process of helping us defeat the Axis powers in WWII. We owe as much to the UK as does the UK owe the USA. The UK is and should always remain our closest ally in Europe...
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  13. I can't think of any other reason for having a government.
  14. Perhaps, but I believe that a people that fears it's government lives in tyranny and a government that fears it's people is a free country. Could be the reason for that "minor" disagreement in 1776:)
  15. Well, yes. Exactly.
  16. No thats not true, The only people who need a pay cut are the MP`s.
  17. Whatever. I just like arguing with you you racist fucknuckle.
  18. 1% cap. Now a scabby AB's 1% is a lot less than an Admiral's 1%, or a Prime Minister/Chancellor. A minister would, on the 1% get a couple of grand, an AB about a couple of hundred. But having said that, once the round of pay variations are published, pound to a piece of doo-doo MPs will manage to wangle 10%+. My home in Lancashire, my job takes me to London. No allowances, expenses, second homes paid by taxpayer. I'm also a pensioner and even without my job I pay 20% tax on the pension I worked hard to save for. This is going back to the 20s and 30s and ere long you'll be doffing your cap to your "betters". :D
  19. I read your post with huge and growing disappointment. How dare you not doff your cap to your betters already? What are you, some sort of lefty pinko dissident?
  20. It still goes on and that's what comes of living in a constitutional monarchy, now if we were a republic.

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