Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Aug 8, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else think that there is an awful lot of complaining going on.

    I've looked at the other forums on RR and non of them seem to complain as much as the RNR.


    And yes, if any of you decide to check i have been known to drip on here and there but lets try looking at some of the positives of the RNR.

  2. Would you like to be more specific!!!
  3. I'm not getting at anyone in particular. Like i said i've been guilty of bitching too but look at most of the subjects and somewhere along the line it ends up turning into a bitching session. In the last few months we've had two recruits through our doors as a direct result of RR and i just wonder if it could have been more if maybe there was more positive press.

    We've somehow managed to critisise the RN for not calling us up for lebanon which blew up within a few days and (the RN input) was pretty much over in a week. by the time we'd got there we'd have been coming home.

    Dont get me wrong - i'm not blind to the faults of the RNR but lets put forward some of the reasons why we stay in.

  4. When matelots stop moaning then it's time to get worried :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. But it is a natural state for us to drip. Witness the thread I started asking about information regarding national week-ends and soon people were bitching about one thing or another. The amazing thing is that we all carry on dedicating a lot of our time to the RNR despite our complaints.
  6. Fair point!
  7. A good drip is very good therapy and a very good 'weather vane' for the mood of the RNR on key issues so I have no worries about complaining - it reflects a healthy (and very Jack-like) atmosphere.

    The time to worry is when the complaining stops and people start voting with their feet.
  8. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that most of the people who post on the RNR bit are actually people serving in the RNR at the moment whereas alot of the other forums seem to have a larger proportion of ex personnel and people who dont have a direct connection with the RN/RNR

    If that is the case issues are likely to be more keenly discussed..!!
  9. Good point WM - well made
  10. I also see nothing wrong with having a good moan and sharing your views. Better to discuss them than to feel isolated or let them fester! Could have done with RR when I was in the RNXS and even more so in the ROC (Royal Observer Corps) when we legitimately had good reason to complain but usually just got on with it... and younger people just voted with their feet in too greater numbers!

    Carry on moaning guys - it's a healthy sign! :) It also helps keep the rest of us informed.

  11. Next thing we know we will have some dipstick asking us to stop complaining about our TONE and TWO SHAGS that they are doing a wonderful job!!

    We have a volunteer force where those who go to join up are normally briefed by family and friends about the good times and bad times in the forces.

    Funny when you leave and look back the bad times where also the good times. Yeh NOW!!!

    As for recruits being put off by RR best they where off now than after signing on the dotted.

    Mummy mummy the nasty man told me I was x xxxxxx tell him to stop. Shades of dads army methinks.
  12. Trehorn - maybe the positive thing here is that we're still dripping!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I don't think anyone is dripping just for the hell of it and if there are upwards of 40 posts dripping about similar things surely that points to a problem somewhere in the food chain and i'm fairly certain 8 out of 10 matelots can't be wrong!!!!!! And the ones who are dripping are the ones still staying in how many haven't dripped but legged it instead???

  14. matelots have a good drip??? NEVER? it's all part of the blue know it is. :lol: :lol:
    Matelots work hard, play hard and then have a good drip about the drinking time that's being wasted doing thier job!!!!!! :twisted: as bisley said "the day matelots don't complain it's time to get worried!" :D
  15. Well at least it got you al talking!!!

    Complete this sentence;

    i joined the RNR because...............................

    Or if you'd prefer;

    I stay in the RNR because.................................
  16. Shipping centre is still being manned by recalled RNRs within a multinational team.
  17. There were/are RNR involved in Lebanon-mainly Luvvies and MTO. All went at very short notice.
  18. Look, you all know what i mean. Yes RNR's were called up, mostly (if not all) officers. There was no requirement for mass call up of RNR to "show what we can do" as some people seem to suggest. The people who were called up were selected due to their specialisation.
  19. the shipping centre is still going, manned exclusively by reservists watchkeeping 24/7, a NATO set up by UK RNR running the show.
    BZ to them all
  20. I dont ever see the whole RNR or a large proportion be called up, with threats and demands being asymmetric nowadays. I think this is where the strength of the RNR specialists will be called for, unlike the 80s when i joined we were all expecting MCM 10 squadron to sail over the English Channel horizon sweeping the mines of the communist hordes.
    The RNR is actually quite a specialist organisation now, think thats its attraction.

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