Stoopid question but im not at AFCO until tuesday so....

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cracker89, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Ive got my selection interview on tuesday.
    I got a load of extra info of the man at the AFCO and after looking through it all im favouring more towards WS instead of CIS.

    Is it possible to change?
    Ive done my RT, medical and pjft.

    Eyesight was VA2.

    Prob been asked before but i have looked!
    :) sorry guys!
  2. I changed from Weapons engineer to Aircraft Engineer after i did well in my RT. The AFCO told me to decide by the Interview
  3. ^^ now found the answer :)
    ignore :)
  4. The day I passed everything, they came up with the contract to go for SA, then as I was about to sign, they told me about the 18 month waiting list, so I asked to go WTR, and they just reprinted it for me!
  5. i think the waiting list for WS is actually alot longer than CIS!
    just looked at the waiting times thread
  6. Changed your mind again ? ;)

    Go for the trade you want, and not the one with the shortest waiting time. God i know we've all thought about it, but from what i gather people that end up doing a trade they dont want obviously will be unhappy in the RN!

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone remember the form you sign after passing the interview ? Im not sure, but i think it was called ' term of service ' or am i picking that out of my ar*e :lol: ?
  7. Nope havent changed my mind actually!
    I havent signed anything yet, except my application form!

    Going to have chat with the navy fella on tuesday :)
  8. Good luck!!
  9. hi i done all parts of my application and havent signed any forms to do with a contract you dont actually get your terms of contract until you arrive at raleigh
  10. I leave most spelling/grammar issues but this one is repeated on nearly every RT/branch choice thread... you didn't 'done', you either 'have done' or you 'did'. Please stop saying 'I done x or y'. Sorry - one of my pet hates.
  11. Hey Lonestar - You done good there in pointing that out.... :lol:
  12. Even then, I personally find that including 'done' in the sentence does not sound quite right and is certainly less aesthetically pleasing than other alternatives. For instance, he might have said 'I have done all the parts of my application.' That doesn't sound completely right to me. I would say it along the lines of 'I have completed all the elements of . . .' rather than 'I have done . . .' which sounds a little barbaric. Irrespective of all this nonsense, I find the pedantry regarding spelling and grammar on this here forum to be a little over the top considering it is supposed to be quite informal.

    Isn't it?
  13. Really? You think it is over the top? Occasionally Soleil points out a really irritating spelling mistake and maybe once in a while if the grammar is just appalling someone will say something, I think my comment above is the first in quite a few days. If you compare that with the number of horrendous spelling and grammar mistakes on the forum I think it is nearer to a non-reaction than being over the top, some posts are near incomprehensible!
  14. Have you got a phone. Ring the AFCO and ask!!
  15. Maybe I've just imagined it then. It does seem a little unfair though when established members pick on people simply because they are incapable of using the English language correctly. Unfortunately, not everybody was taught the value of wielding words correctly when they were young.
  16. I'm afraid it is an extension of that atitude that has led to us having a generation of young people who can't speak, read or write properly. As I said, it doesn't happen very often on here, but I don't buy into the philosophy that we should accept blatant ignorance just because it is not nice to call people stupid.

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