Stolen war memorial plaque cut into four pieces

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. The first of four war memorial plaques stolen from Plymouth has been recovered - but it has been carved into four pieces.

  2. Continuation of yesterdays thread and an excellent example of just how little regard some parts of our so called civilised society have for the sacrifice that others have made for them.

  3. Perhaps the offenders should be escorted to the windswept main deck of HMS Raleigh, surrounded by an invited selection of recent veterans, and the Joss can come back an hour later to scrape up the remains! :twisted:
  4. Are we surprised, No we are awash with scum.
  5. And they are here to stay!! Bad news is they breed like shite rats.

    The more I see of the human race the more I love my dog!
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If they catch the thief(s) the charge will prob be stealing metal and the punishment will reflect this. Shame really because the punishment should really be running the London remembrance day gauntlet with burning toilet roll stuffed up there arse.
  7. Apparently it is OK to allow skateboarders around the memorial but not to remove the plaques for scrap? What are the Council and the Police doing about this, at the Vietnam/Korea memorials in Washington it is absolutely immaculate - no disrespect shown there, for all that we mock the Yanks.

    I desperately do not want to turn into Grumpy of Waterlooville, but really.
  8. You mean you live in Waterlooville and you are not permanently grumpy already?

  9. You could pass whats left around the fleet afterwards for good measure. :threaten:
  10. It was on the lunchtime news that after a tip from a scrap dealer the other 3 plaques have been recovered in Minehead, slightly battered! Two in Plymouth have been released on Police bail and A & S plod are looking for 6 (?) people.

  11. these people need to be hung
  12. One of the 3 was cut in half. but the others were intact. The War Graves Commision reckon it'll take until next year to replace them. Make the scum who nicked them put them back - with the minimum of assistance. Then hang them.
  13. No, no, I really can't agree with that at all.

    Personally I reckon they should be hanged.
  14. i see your trying to be clever....well your not, your a prick.
    what i said made perfect sence
  15. Just like your last effort, no it didn't.

    Grow up silly little boy.
  16. why is it some people on here feel the need to dig people out? i've posted a few posts on here and have always been pleasent, but had a few snide remarks, i wanna "grow up"!! do me a favour, your the one sitting on computers trying to mug people off you clown
  17. If you can't take a bit of a joke, maybe you'd be better off sticking to football hooliganism rather than joining up.
  18. Pictures are hung.
    Miscreants, unfortunately no longer in this country, are hanged.
    Just because you don't understand the English language it is unnecessary to take it out on those on this forum who do.

  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think thats SENSE :dwarf:
  20. Perhaps he meant they need to be well hung, as against hanged? :lol:

    Bless. Poor newby. We must remember that submarine deck hands do not need to be literate - they just need gills! ;)

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