Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. This is top, nice to see MEs doing something worthwile, making gay vids, brilliant.
  2. are a complete cock of an excuse of an abortion of a cot death of a man. Haven't you got some sycophancy to be directing towards far better men than your landlubbing, lonely self?

  3. No sorry RFA_Stoker, this is great, this is a fair repesentation of todays modern Marine Engineer. (oh how do i stifle these giggles).
    Oy tiddlyogggy, yeah give us a comment.
  4. From you I can take it, mac. From this knob - no.

    So which of the fucking hundreds dead in the desert do you fancy calling pongo you tit? Which of the blokies who have sweated in 60 degree enginee rooms? Or will you just sit on your fat arse hoping that some credibility gathers around you by slagging off real servicemen and by suck off veterans?

    I have more respect for hig-the-bitter-and-twisted-old-pig than I do for you. In fact, I have more respect for the Kay's catalogue models. You piece of arse-kissing filth.

    Hope this helps!!
  5. Oi - thingy! Are you STILL fiddling your nephew you sick fcuker?
  6. No crack-on RFA STOKER, roflmao.
    Now sweating in 60 DEGREE engine rooms, well fella shouldve done better at school.
  7. Look lively RFA, You chocolate starfish licking freak.
  8. No, I actually love it. It's cocks like this who have never left guzz but gob off from the safety of the bar in The Swallow that do my head in. Can you hear me thingy you pathetic little pig of a 'man'.

    PS angry_mac fists goats.
  9. You make pigs smoke......and your daughter loves to PAR-TAY!
  10. lol I love it when it comes down to playground name calling. Admittedly you are a ME and I'm a WE.Hence Im better than you fullstop. With a big fullstop!!!!
    Plus RFA, well there you go. Go mine some marmite pal, youre obvioulsy sexually tensioned up. No where near Manila then, nevermind Jersey I hear is available for discrete bum bashing.

    Sorry now having read post fully, i regret my somewhat wine induced answers.
    Oh HARDY'S you swine. Yup RAF_Stoker in complete agreement. burrp!!!
  11. Well. I've just pished down my leg and it smells of violets so ther :p xxxxxxxx
  12. hiccup!
  13. Wine? WINE???

    What are you - some kind of fcuking WE? Rattler morgan taught you well ya gay jock mincer!
  15. I'm in love.......

    Huh? No, not with you! I do have standards. Your trousers smell of pish, twiglets and porridge.

  16. I really do object to being called a man. A pig, a cock, a fcuking tosspot, a cnut, that's all acceptable, but NOT a man: that breaches the Trades Description Act. :lol: :tp:

    Obviously you have no sense of humour or to be PC, are humorously challenged mate. I am NOT denigrating servicepersons or men for that matter. Gays have always existed in the forces and I like the video for making fun of us!

    Now sod off. :dwarf:
  17. Now personally i dunno anything about this whole gay thing, however yes they do all look happy!

    But what kind of ERUS is that......i mean its got tools......and its clean.... thats surely not right! :|
  18. I Just Love it when stokers talk Dirty!!!
  19. Thank you.......I think!

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