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Stoker John Webster


John Webster was born 1916-17 and was a stoker KX119749 (motor driver RN) on his son's birth certificate in 1942. When he married in 1940 he was a salesman so not in the RN. When his son got married in 1977, John Webster was described as 'naval officer, retired'. I have no date of death.
Is anybody able to give me any more details without having to fork out £30 to MinDef.
Assuming that "John Webster" is the full name, and perhaps not very helpful by itself, but I see that there was an Electrical Lieutenant Commander John Webster with seniority of 1 October 1962, which would just about fit with the years of birth specified and a compulsory retirement age of 50, if not linking in with exactly the same source branch specified.

Since you have not mentioned your connection, before making any application please make sure you you are watertight within the terms of

Thanks for your reply.

Lt Cdr John Webster joined the RN as a boy at HMS St Vincent in 1932 JX137181. By 1940 he was a PO & a Lt Cdr in 1962, he retired 1966 and died 1987 (courtesy of, who only cover officers).

'My' John Webster (full name) Stoker KX119749 in 1942 was recorded 'deceased' on his son's marriage certificate in 1977 - my error was to say 'retired'. I have had a look at the website you quoted, but in order to apply I need a death cert, but as I do not have a date of death, I have a problem.

That is why I was asking if anyone else had any ideas. He not have been promoted higher than PO, but a registrar might think a PO as a 'naval officer'.
If deaths have been properly registered they are a matter of public record. Most of the geneology sites give you the ability to search the death records. Usually a rough year of birth and a ball park year of death are sufficient to come up with some likely matches. Many will let you search for free if you are a new user.

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