Stockings or tights

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RN_Commando, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. both make me itch lol :bball:
  2. try taking them off your head!
  3. Thats where I'm going wrong lol
  4. Referee!!!!! I wish to make a complaint about this posting which is so obviously misleading. Talk about building us up before kicking us in the teeth!


    PS: Stockings preferred by the way ... but on her.
  5. Stockings of course as you don't have to bother removing them first. ^~
    Anything to shorten a mission is worth while I say.
  6. go commando, just make sure your legs are shaved and then get your misses black eye liner pencil and draw a line down the back of your legs :thumright:
  7. jenny like the intel lol
  8. No contest; stockings with sussie belt.

    Grim_Reaper's point seconded.
  9. 69 webbing,lovely jubbly.
  10. stockings
    a flight deck jersey witha faint whiff of OM15
    chiefs hat at a jaunty angle

    man below tag ready for hanging
  11. With out doubt Stockings - either on me or others lol
  12. Only one answer really and of course, a chance for another picture of the lovely Kathy West...

  13. Got to be stockings. Her ankles always swell up when she farts in tights!!
  14. brigam great pic m8e BZ
  15. Stockings are best. With tights the angle of her feet oscillate at an alarming rate. :dwarf:
  16. If McNab can let his secrets out, I ain't holding back :afro:
  17. Happy days lol
  18. Ah but there are different class of stockings. There are those cheap nylon things beloved of bank robbers that do nothing to enhance the impression of what lies beneath and then there are the fine chiffon silk ones that bring out the best of any man's..... oops, I mean woman's legs but on Kathy West may make her more luscious than most.
  19. I'm sure you lookk quite delightful in a good quality pair of stockings, nice black ones with a seam un the back.
  20. It would appear that my post has been deleted from this thread. Is there a reason?? have i offended anyone??

    Come on MOds "fess up"


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