Stock or Standard Phrases for Reports

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Following on from Motto's and Write Ups who has any good phrases for inclusion in a majority of reports/letters/submissions i.e. in the betting shop industry

    "a group of nare-do-wells and vagabonds entered the Betting Office"

    "multi agency tasking"

    "institutionalized management practices"

    "front loaded systematic bias"

    Just little thing regulary slipped into reports to keep line on their toes, get the idea.

    Nutty 8) :idea: 8)
  2. Nutty, do you remember starting this thread back in April 2006? No-ome took it up until now. Do you wonder why?

    I've only replied because it is too hot outside to do any painting and I would like to get my posts up to 300 before it is beer o'clock.
  3. Sets low standards and fails to achieve therm.
  4. Thinks co-operation is that place next door to the shoe shop.
  5. Looking closely at original post I don't think that's what he meant.

    Not to say that I know what he did mean.
  6. As all reports must end on an up...........

    Keeps a good kit, and can ride a bike...............
  7. So "tries hard but lacks ability; or "this man pushes doors marked pull" isn't really grasping the spirit of this Thread?
  8. "The men will follow this officer anywhere, if only out of curiosity."
  9. I must confess to having defaulted to “annual staff report†mode on this. As Guzzler pointed out, it probably means report styles and stock phrases in the likes of event reports. A bit like the old scuff one of “proceeding in a Westerly direction�
  10. This mans reputation has risen vertically, into the ground.

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