Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by seafarer1939, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Went for my golf game this morning and watched two stoats tear three rabbits to pieces and then did their victory dance of twisting and turning around their bodies. They are evil little twats but I love them,I had forgot how fast they are chasing rabbits but they are fantastic to watch.
    On the farm I used a ferret to scare the rabbits to shoot them but the Stoat is the king of killers. I see them quite often on the course catching rabbits and I always stand and watch the speed of the kill from them.
    On a boring note I mentioned it in the club house which enabled the local bore to ask,if there was such a thing as resurrection which animal would you come back as? After considering a Stoat[because I love rabbit meat!] I settled on an Elephant so I could have a yard long dick!but it got silly so I left but I do like to watch the Stoats on a kill. Sorry to all animal lovers and veggies!
    On another note my golf partner is a CI in the Northumberland Police he told me Heroin in the NE has never been cheaper so it looks as though our 10 year stint in Afghanistan to stop the flow has been a bust or was the hearts and minds the objective?I've lost track.
  2. Just a real shame that they do not like the taste of cats - esp the ones that shit all over my garden
  3. Could they have been weasels? cos weasels are weasely and stoats are stoatally different. :-D
  4. Stoats! 'cos the golf Club introduced them as the bunnies were digging holes everywhere.
    They don't now!
  5. Stoats are cool.

    The only one I've ever seen was on a golf course. (Dawlish Warren).

    I don't know if they were deliberately introduced but it wouldn't surprise me.
  6. I reckon a stoat would rapidly get accustomed to a portion of pussy.
    Try to introduce a stoat family into your garden
  7. Well I"m not a stoat , but I still like a portion of pussy!
  8. Stoat this is Ballistic. :highfive: Ballistic this is Stoat. :eek:ccasion5:
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  9. See one or two on my walks on Sustrans track, one day I saw what looked like a pidgen waddling towards me, no it was a stoat with an oversized bunny in his gob and he kept tripping over his family meal, I like stoats/weasels.
  10. :thumleft:

    I'll give you that one
  11. Have got a Stoat in my garden and sheds area --superb looking animal. Did have lots of Rabbits here but he/she is doing a grand job.
    The stoat turned white in winter then changed colour late springtime back to the normal brown with white underbelly.
    The difference is the black tip on the stoats tail -weasels haven't got it.

  12. 109.jpg

    A stoat and my Lakeland Terrier in the same garden - not a good combination

    So, i hear you ask, why hasnt the dog killed the cats? its because the b*strds can get throught the spaces in the fence that the dog can't leaving him going apesh*t with frustration as they thumb their nose at him from the safe harbour of the other side

    Edited to say 'all the rats have gone though'.......
  13. Years ago whilst running a club in Manchester adjacent the Gay Village I had the flash of inspiration to make money and it was !!![wait for it!] Gay jigsaws! I may have mentioned this before as it was a potentially great money winner,lots of Gays pondering over the bits of Jigsaws that are naughty.
    I couldn't be arsed but now I've another "Stoat Willy Warmers!" Guaranteed to attract any females who shag like rabbits!
    I think this is a winner and may take orders soon,remember Stoats are small,any size over say 7" may need two Stoats and pricier.
    Just got to catch the Twats now.
  14. Have you given any thought to using Ferrets instead.No easier to catch but much easier to find.

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