Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrismccaff, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. So I'm of to hms raleigh tomorrow and have a slight problem over a week ago I had a mole removed and got the stitches taken out yesterday, but then last night the wound split open and I had to go to A&E and get it re-stitched and need to get them out in 10 days, is this a big problem? And can I still go??

  2. Why are you asking on here and not talking ASAP to whoever can help you over the phone from HMS Raleigh?

  3. Am sure someone had the same problem on here and angrydoc said you are not allowed to go down with an open wond i.e stitches do a search on it and see what comes up, or ring the number for HMS raleigh you was given at your pre entry brief, i go to Hms raleigh meself tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for the replies I've spoken to HMS Raleigh and they said it no problem :D see you tomorrow :)
  5. For you, and to all at their RN kick off tomorrow:

    - Whatever you pack make sure there is plenty of room for a strong sense of humour:wink:
  6. yeah i'm goin 2moro too, just packing my stuff! see you there!

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