now 4 days away from entering BRNC, can just about make the 1.5mile time, but everynow and then, and recently more frequently, i get a stitch around a quarter of the way through which i imagine is slowing me down somewhat. obviously im desperate for this not to happen during PT-A, so my questions are...

what is a stitch?

How do they happen?

How can i prevent them?

thanks for any advice, other than bricking it about fitness (my own fault, ive been busy but should have found more time for it) im getting pretty nervous, cant believe its finally happening!
When I used to get them I figured it was because I ate or drank too much before the run, like now Ill just stick with eating a light snack around 45 mins before my run and about quarter of a pint water around 30 mins before my run. Obviously everybodys body is different but maybe another problem? No im not an expert but thats what my problem was, and maybe same for you but its just another thought for you.


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A stitch is the build up of lactic acid in your muscles due to anaerobic respiration :p (thankyou GCSE Biology!) Basically, your muscles arent getting enough oxygen.
I found this for you on tips to prevent it:
* Improve fitness
* Strengthen the diaphragm by using exercises such as those that aid respiratory rehabilitation[1]
* Strengthen core muscles (abdominals, lower back, obliques)
* Limit consumption of food and drink two to three hours before exercising (in particular, drinks of high carbohydrate content and osmolarity (reconstituted fruit juices))
* Drink water beforehand to prevent muscle cramps
* Warm up properly (Stretch before running for a long period of time)
* Gradually increase exercise intensity when running
* Exhale when the left foot hits the ground, and inhale when the right foot hits the ground[2]
* Run on soft surfaces


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This will sound stupid but make sure you breathe properly. In through the noise out through the mouth do this form the start and not just when breathing becomes harder this will reduce lactic acid build up. :thumright:


It's a muscle cramp.

Stick your fingers where the pain is - in really deep, and keep on running: works for me!

Pain is weakness leaving the body!
Angry Doc and BoF are correect. I used to go cross-country running with a world-class pentathlete, and can tell you categorically that the best way to deal with a stitch is to run through it.
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