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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by pondwater, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Thanks to every one who took time to reply.
    Can any one tell me how long there joing insructions took to come through as my application went off at the beging of march and I am still at home four months later. :D
  2. What you going in as?
  3. Capt-Ahab. Going to be an AET.
  4. Have you received your invite to a pre joining briefing yet Pondwater? I started the process of applying as an AET at the back end of February this year and I received an invite to a briefing on 12th June, with a provisionally accepted entrance date of 17th September.
  5. It's shocking with the process, seems so long now! Give the careers a call, it won't be a problem, sometimes the RN needs a kick up the rear!
  6. I'm wondering the same thing... I'm just a bit more impatient.

    I sent off my application forms last thursday, so they should have gone through it by now right?
    Worth me giving them a call, or wait till next week?
  7. It may just be the security clearance process taking time, it has never been fast and seems to be pretty slow at the moment. My stepson applied for a civilian job with the army and after 6 months has still not heard. I would agree that you should be given some info on how the process is going and sme estimate of when you will get your date.

    Good luck

  8. Me again.
    I gave careers bods a call last week. I was told there is a back log at the branch managers end and to be patient. I have got a date for sit rep kind of an interview to see how things are going next month.This happens 6 months after the formal interview. Hurry up and wait it seems.
    Oh and the security form was back after 2 months... ish.

    Geordie git ought to be jammy git. At least things are moving for you. I started this all off straight after christmas. Test medical and interview done by end of feb. So maybe i'll hear soon. Fingers crossed.
  9. I wonder what the hold up is, the lads I sat my entrance tests with joined in the June intake. If it weren't for an ankle injury I got causing me to delay my fitness test I would've been there with them.

    Well good luck anyway, you could still get on the September intake. Maybe I'll see you there.

    P.S. How's the fitness training going? Running in this summer heat is fecking killing me.
  10. Ah fitness...Sounds like the PC brigade have made things so easy now the a fat usless cntus can pass as not to hurt thier ego's!. There is a fittnes regime I read on military forums that is a piece of piis run a couple of miles every other day few sit ups and swimming ect. nothing taxing. Assuming who ever wrote it knows what they are talking about. (And assumtion is the mother of all f^#k up's) I don't think there's much to worry about. I have been running early morning,so it aint too bad.
  11. Hiya Geordie Git , where abouts up north are you from , I was from Spital Tounges originaly , just behind the footy ground , left to join the Andrew in 1971 , so sorry for going off thread :roll: :oops: anyway welcome to you both
  12. I'm from sunny South Shields, and so not technically a Geordie but a sand dancer, but when I say South Shields most people go :?:

    Thanks for the welcome :D
  13. Have done the Great North Run a couple of times , so I have been to South Shields , not exactly Sunderland is it , now that is shite , bloody Mackems [so sorry Kevin] :roll: :roll: keep posting and join in Geordie Git , got to keep the site growing so spread the word my friend ,
  14. The waiting can be a pain in the arse, but I am just using it to get my affairs in order, and work out a little more (nothing too serious!). I'm not sure about the length of time these things take, and about all the paper shuffleing, but 6 mths or so seems a bit long.
    I used to think it was just us here in Gods own Country, that got the special security clearance delay, but my cousin in England is facing the same sort of delay.
    Anyway.. I've did the tests, passsed the initial physical, and did the interview. As to the time of my 'take in'.. i haven't a clue.
  15. Yeah Dondon, right on the mark with Sunderland :wink: . You will have ran by my house in the past, I live on the route of the run. It's a bit of a bummer as the route covers two sides of our estate and we have a valley and the A19 on the other sides, all of which means no vehicle access on the day of the run.

    What are you joining as Leviathan?

    I've been using my time to get everything sorted too, selling a house I own with my ex, quit my old job, working on fitness. I'll be leaving eight weeks as of yesterday and I can't bloody wait :D

    One of my mates is a PO(WE) and is due back to portsmouth around the same time I'll be there so the potential for mucho cerveza exists.
  16. Hooray. Got a date for November so only three more months to go. See some of you at HMS Raliegh (cold and wet, Just the way I like it). I havn't got to be at the recruiting office for a bit, so can any one tell me what I can/can't take to raliegh. And tell of the experiance. And if any one's going the AET route how is it decided what aircraft you work on?

  17. Thanks for the links sandygib... Brilliant. I can manage a sewing kit. I know what a steam iron looks like. But what on earth or sea is a plastic trouser version. And I need two? Please help!
  18. Good luck pondwater , plastic trouser version is a coat hanger with a bar across the bottom for your tousers to hang on , & Raleigh is spelt with the I & E the other way round , not picking you up just pointing you in the right direction shipmate , keep posting on RR , good to see the youngings on it , :lol: :oops:
  19. Raleigh not Raliegh...right. i'll remember that so I don't look a pillock when I get there...Too late plastic trouser version's a coat hanger. Easy when you know how. Cheers.

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